Monday, July 14, 2014

History of the Yankees in the Home Run Derby

Here is a brief history of the New York Yankees and their success and failures, I'm looking at you Robinson Cano and so is all of Kansas City, in the Home Run Derby. Just as a reminder, not that any of you probably need it, the Home Run Derby will be on ESPN tonight and no members of the Yankees will be part of the festivities unfortunately.

Robinson Cano was a member of the 2013 Home Run Derby and hit four home runs for the lowest output of any All Star that season. This was a year removed from Cano being shutout in Kansas City in 2012 and booed off the field after not picking home town player Billy Butler for the derby. Cano did win the derby in 2011 though hitting a total of 32 home runs and edging Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox.

Nick Swisher wore the pinstripes in the derby in 2010 and only managed to hit four home runs for a first round exit. You have to go all the way back to 2003 and Jason Giambi to see another Yankee in the derby and the Giambino would make the second round and hit 23 home runs but fall just short of the finals. Giambi did win it in 2002 though with 24 home runs beating out the Cubs Sammy Sosa.

Tino Martinez would win the derby in 1997 with a total of 16 home runs. Larry Walker actually hit 19 but only hit one in the finals to go down to Martinez. Martinez was the first member of the New York Yankees to ever hit in the Derby in it's almost 30 years of existence.

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