Monday, July 28, 2014

Quick Hit: Babe Ruth Returns To Yankee Stadium 1943

George Herman Ruth, you can call him Babe, retired after the 1935 season with the Boston Braves. We all know he was once a Boston Red Sox but will always be remembered as a member of the New York Yankees. Babe Ruth would return to the house that he built, Yankee Stadium, on this day in 1943 for an exhibition game.

The exhibition game was played for the Red Cross between the Yank-Land Club, which was a combination of former Yankee and Indians players, against the Cloudbusters, a U.S. Navy team from the Chapel Hill Naval Pre-Flight School based at the University of North Carolina.

The retired Yankee outfielder appeared as a pinch hitter in his only plate appearance and was walked by 25 year old Navy pilot trainee and Boston Braves right-hander Johnny Sain. The servicemen would beat the former players 8-5.

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