Monday, July 28, 2014

Zoilo Almonte Called Up, Jeff Francis DFA'd

Zoilo Almonte has been called up for tonight's game with the Texas Rangers finally giving the Yankees another option off the bench. Jeff Francis was designated for assignment to make room on the 25 man roster for Zoilo. Finally the Yankees can give Ichiro a day off or two while going with a four man bench. Francis was stinking up the joint and a move was inevitable for the lefty.


  1. What a dumb move. This year, Almonte's offered absolutely no reason to believe he's ready for the majors, so why replace Francis with him? Francis hadn't done enough yet for anyone to pass judgement. I mean, giving Ichiro a day off is understandable, but wow, what an injustice.

    1. Yankees needed another guy on the bench and we had 13 pitchers. Someone had to go and Francis had no redeeming factors. He got hit around every time he got into a game. It's not fair but that's baseball.

    2. He had two appearances and he won one. In my opinion, that's enough to stay while Huff goes

  2. JACK NIEMUTH...perhaps it was dumb, but reign in your horses.

    These are stressful / confusing times. During the next 72 hours, things should look clearer.
    Nice guys like Francis, Wheeler, Almonte, or even Roberts....have no role in this teams
    final thrust to the finish line. Reload, and go forward. I see that happening.

    Keep fingers crossed. I can not find a solid Yankee rumor anywhere.
    This squad can not compete, as currently composed. Stay strong.

  3. ROCKET...the Scammer...REED : Where was this army of Yankee talent scouts, when Puig,
    and the horde of Cuban power hitters hit the open market ?
    Now we rush to watch a fourth outfielder ?

    Hope you are doing well. Talk soon.

    1. Good question Patrick, and I have the answer...well some of it! The scouts were there and were impressed but, IF you can remember, at that time the owners were more interested in BIG League Ready players. Daniel has more information than do I but, I don't think the Yankees made a good offer to any of those players until this year. Both the South American and Cubans were not on the Brothers agenda...cost to much. Not like when the King said get the very good ones and leave the rest to the other teams. Cano, Mo among them.
      Different owners different results.
      Check with Daniel on the deals that were not made and could have! I am going by memory...that ain't always good!
      Have a beer for me, I've been in the yard all day again!

    2. We didn't pursue Jose Abreu because we had Teixeira at first base and needed the DH slot for Jeter, Beltran, and eventually A Rod.

      We didn't go after Puig because we didn't even really scout him. Seriosuly. Hell we didn't even make an offer. We didn't "see enough to go all in" if my memory serves.

      Cespedes we made a real run at. I remember us being considered the front runners and favorites for a long time. Just simply got outbid, it happens.

  4. ELLIJAY BURCH : You talk of Tulowitzki in your dreams, and that now is the time to strike
    to obtain him. But, you fail to address my what cost ?
    Jeff Francis & Zelous Wheeler ?

  5. Jack:

    Huff has surprisingly pitched well as much as I hate to admit that. He's no Betances or Warren (or even Kelly when he is on) but he hasn't been asked to be. He's been more of a long man and has done great at that role. Francis was pitching late in games, extra innings for example, and struggling.

  6. Colorado needs pitching and catching... Sanchez and Severino top the trade package unfortunately. What else they would be interested in I cannot swear to but the only legit shortstop prospect we have is Abi Avelino, probably top 15 prospect for us.

  7. Sanchez and Severino...Sanchez, I can live with... Severino for Tulo, I must live with!
    Tulo, we know what we get...not so much with Severino! Even though I am a big fan of Servers', SS like Tulo only become available once in a a long time.
    Tulo is a good defensive player, along with power.
    The back thing is one thing we should all think about, they are hard to predict!

  8. Exactly. When it's a talent like Tulo you don't worry as much about what you are giving up.


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