Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick Hit: An Ode To Hideki Matsui & Class

For some reason I am feeling nostalgic this morning, specifically for Hideki Matsui. I guess I miss the Yankees of old that played every day, hit in the clutch, didn't get plastered all over every magazine and newspaper, etc. I miss the old days back when the Yankees players having class and fire were mandatory.

What got me thinking of Matsui this morning was the fact that on this day in 2011 Matsui led off the 6th inning in Detroit by hitting his 500th career home run. Unfortunately this homer came in an Oakland A's uniform but it did help the A's get a 7-5 win over the Tigers.

Matsui hit 332 home runs for his Yomiuri Giants before coming stateside and hitting 168 home runs with the Yankees, Angels, and A's. Not once did Matsui ever complain as a Yankee and never did he complain or have a bad thing to say when New York failed to re-up with him after the 2009 World Series. That's because Matsui is class, something the Yankees are truly lacking these days.

Stay well Matsui and just know you're in our thoughts and memories.

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  1. Matsui and Tanaka are and have been Class Acts, and in Matsuis case will always be remembered as such!
    Thank You Matsui, stay well, indeed!


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