Thursday, July 31, 2014

Second Wild Card Has Killed The Trade Deadline

Please don't sue me....

I don't know about you guys but the trading deadline was always the second best part of the baseball season for me. As a Yankees fan the playoffs and World Series was always the best but I thoroughly enjoyed the trading deadline and the winter meetings and such. I can remember, way back in the good ole days when we couldn't get roster updates on our baseball games, scouring the web and watching Baseball Tonight for all the Yankees moves so I could go manually update my team in my game. The Yankees getting greedy and consistently adding talent when they needed to even spawned off this blog in a way. Ever since the second Wild Card though that aura is gone, isn't it?

The past two seasons have been generally quiet and rather boring for the most part. Before the second wild card there was a significant trade going down every day in the final week to week and a half of July. This week I believe the most notable trade, at the time of this writing anyway, is Justin Masterson and his disabled list knees and 5.51 ERA heading to St. Louis for their top outfield prospect. 

In year's past you had the fire sales and the big names traded away and you're simply not seeing that anymore. The Tampa Bay Rays seem content to hold onto David Price, for example, even though they are seven games back in the AL East division. Why? They are still in the discussion for the second wild card. 

The second wild card was a great idea on paper until they announced it was a one game playoff and not a three game playoff and now it's screwing up my favorite time of the summer. I'm not sure how you fix it, or if you even can, but something needs to be done. As a fan this is pretty bland. Who agrees?


  1. I have read the leaked out coroners report...due out October 2014
    Subject : New York Yankees 2014 campaign.

    Organs effected : 25 charming individuals, and top level coaching.

    Cause of Death : Cialis Syndrome, or Dead Penal Offense...DPO.
    The lack of offense from within. When the moment is right, the curtain comes down.

    Cures : Two cures known the modern man.
    a) Use the July 31 trade deadline to full advantage.
    b) Throw in the towel.

  2. MARLON BYRD...just as patrick called it. Reminds me of my former " iYankees " days.
    That's a start. I assume my candles at St. Francis church are working.

  3. RE: Marlon Byrd.......delete my last. For now. Sorry.

  4. Not your fault Jim Bowden got it wrong.


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