Thursday, July 31, 2014

Speculating A Move For Asdrubal Cabrera

This is pure speculation here and probably more coincidental than anything but something seems fishy when it comes to how the Yankees have been handling Brian Roberts lately. Roberts is two at bats away from an incentive in his contract that would pay him an additional $250,000. While I realize that is chump change to any team, especially the Yankees, you have to think something is up. You especially question the Yankees motives when the next day it is announced that Roberts needs "a couple days off" to rest. Coincidentally those couple of days takes us through the July 31st trading deadline.

Enter Asdrubal Cabrera who has been made available by the Cleveland Indians. Cabrera is an average at best shortstop but could easily give the Yankees an upgrade offensively and defensively at second base. Cabrera would come cheap as a pure rental with diminished productivity. He fits the Yankees needs perfectly on the field, in the wallet, and down on the farm.

It's probably a coincidence and Joe Girardi will place Roberts in the lineup tonight after the deadline has come and gone but something stinks here.

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