Friday, July 18, 2014

Soft Schedule Will Determine Yankee Buying or Selling

The Yankees are well rested and ready to make a run as we begin the final push for the postseason. There are 68 games left in the 2014 season minus the postseason and if the Yankees have another playoff run in them it has to start tonight in the Bronx. The Yankees schedule gets soft right at the perfect time as New York continues to deal with injuries and rookies hitting their innings walls, all eyes on you Chase Whitley. As a wise man once said in our comments section, Patrick Walsh, .500 teams don’t make up ground so we’re going to have to go on a run.

The run needs to start tonight as the Yankees host the Cincinnati Reds. By no means is Cincinnati a team the Yankees should crush and run out of the stadium but without some of their best players, Joey Votto and Jay Bruce specifically, but they are a team we should easily be able to take two of three from.

New York also has two series with the Texas Rangers, a team in a dog fight with the Houston Astros for the worst record in the AL West, that could (well should) end in a five to one advantage in those six games. The Rangers have more lost days to the disabled list then the Yankees, which is scary to think about, and doesn’t have the farm system it once had to fill the gaps.

The Toronto Blue Jays come to Yankee Stadium at the end of this month and while this is a team we’re chasing in the standings it’s also a team that has nightmares about playing in Yankee Stadium. New York seemingly owns the Blue Jays in the Bronx in recent memory and it remains to be seen whether Adam Lind (not likely) or Edwin Encarnacion (possible) will be available for this series. Just a quick scouting report and note to the Yankees pitchers, do NOT pitch to Melky Cabrera. I’d rather lose to Jose Bautista then continually get beat by Melky.

This schedule is a double edged sword. The Yankees will either run through the teams they are supposed to beat, which all playoff teams should, and buy at the trading deadline or they will blow it up. Unfortunately there is no in between, and even if they blow it up in the standings the Yankees are still highly unlikely to blow up the roster. This concerns me because Cashman may mortgage the future by trading away top notch prospects for this season after we make a run based off a cushion in the schedule. Either way it’s going to be a fun summer in the Bronx, stay tuned. 

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