Saturday, July 5, 2014

The "Best" Of What's Left On The Trade Market

After the Oakland Athletics soaked up all the good starting pitching we had a legitimate chance of acquiring by trading for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel the Yankees find themselves in a not so great predicament. I personally don't believe that the Yankees can acquire David Price, not from the Rays anyway, so the "best" of the rest is really scary to look at.

I do not have links or sources that say these guys are actively available but I simply looked at the 2015 and 2016 free agent classes for starting pitching and looked at the non contending teams specifically. I compiled a short and no so sweet list of pitchers the Yankees could look at this July.

Edinson Volquez (Padres): 30 years old, 4.07 ERA, 87 ERA+, 4.39 FIP, and 1.242 WHIP.

Kyle Kendrick (Phillies): 29 years old 30 in August, 4.12 ERA, 89 ERA+, 4.12 FIP, and 1.326 WHIP.

AJ Burnett (Phillies): 37 years old, 3.92 ERA, 93 ERA+, 4.00 FIP, and 1.359 WHIP.

Jhoulys Chacin (Rockies): 26 years old, 5.40 ERA, 78 ERA+, 4.80 FIP, and 1.437 WHIP.

Ian Kennedy (Padres): 29 years old, 3.87 ERA, 87 ERA+, 2.88 FIP, and 1.235 WHIP.

Jorge De La Rosa (Rockies): 33 years old, 4.86 ERA, 86 ERA+, 4.81 FIP, and 1.335 WHIP.

Cliff Lee (Phillies): 35 years old 36 in August, 3.18 ERA, 115 ERA+, 2.67 FIP, and 1.279 WHIP.

Cliff Lee isn't healthy which really complicates things, complicates things that got real complicated when Billy Beane cornered the starting pitching market. It may be worth selling pieces this season and building towards 2015.


  1. I'll take Ian Kennedy (Padres): 29 years old, 3.87 ERA, 87 ERA+, 2.88 FIP, and 1.235 WHIP. He has become a good ground ball pitcher now. He was much more of a fly ball pitcher, or I should say his Control and Command is much better now. He always had the stuff he just had no real Fastball. So, back in the day I said he would be good in the BP as a long man...only.
    Things, how they do change!

    1. Cliff Lee would be nice too, especially if CC's career is done.


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