Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Daily Dozen - July 13, 2014

(Twelve  Six Takeaways from Tonight's Game - July 13th, 2014 Edition)

1. Nothing excites fans more than catching a HR ball.  Well tonight, Mr. Gardner's leadoff home run in the 1st went to one of The Greedy Pinstripes followers as reported on Twitter.

Matt Kirwin @MattKirwin23 was wearing an "Evil Empire" shirt and was seen celebrating on the live ESPN broadcast of the game seen below:
Matt is the guy with his first raised sorta like Jeter after winning a World Series.
Congrats Matt and to all of our followers out there we are working on "Greedy Pinstripes" shirts so that the next time this happens we'll get some publicity.

2. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.  Trust me, I know this firsthand...if anyone has seen pictures of my wife, they know what I'm talking about.  Anywho...Brian McCann came into the game batting .359 in the last 9 games.  And then he gets a bloop single between Machado and Pearce in the 2nd.  Too bad the Curse of the Bronx Bombless doesn't let Yankees score after the 1st inning!

3. Chris Davis has fallen off a cliff.  Well that is until he plays the Yankees of course.  Chris hit .310 last season with 53 home runs and 138 RBI.  Coming into tonight's game Davis was blasting a .197 average with 14 home runs and 46 RBI.  With his go ahead home run blast to left field tonight he has safely arrived at the "almost" Mendoza Line of .199.  Way to go Chris!  Being a career .258 hitter he was bound for a stat correction.  Maybe his arms are fatigued from hitting all of those homers last year?
"Man....I suck this year! Except against the Yankees..."
4. There were many comparisons made between Derek Jeter and Cal Ripken, Jr. tonight as is mandated in any ESPN broadcast between the Yankees and Orioles.  Here are some similarities:  Jeter and Ripken played SS, they both played for only 1 team in their Hall of Fame careers.  Well...that's about all the similarities.  They aren't even close to the same player and have/had vastly different abilities let alone the # of rings each has.  Maybe Jeter can let Cal borrow a few?  The one thing that I would like to see end up the same is to have Jeter win the All-Star Game MVP like Cal did in 2001.  You know, when A-Rod convinced him to take over at SS (wow, the foreshadowing for A-Rod there, huh?) and then Cal hit that amazing home run?  Come on Jeets!
"Move on over...I got third base...for the rest of my I hate Jeter,
but maybe he'll give me one of those gift baskets..." Source: Fox Sports
5. Does anyone else miss Buck Showalter?  Is it just me?  The guy creates a winning atmosphere everywhere he goes and just manages better than say..."The Binder".  His first year as a manager, which was with the New York Yankees in 1992, he had a 76-86 record.  The next year the Yanks turned it all around to start one of the most amazing runs ever in the history of baseball.  Since 1993, the Yankees haven't had a losing record.  1993 saw a 88-74 season.  The 1994 strike-shortened season had the Yankees sitting comfortably in 1st with a 70-43 record (a .619 winning % for those scoring at home).  He then returned the Yankees to the postseason for the first time in my lifetime in 1995 as the first-ever Wildcard, along with the help of DONNIE BASEBALL, in which all of the future Yankees success arguably built upon.  In his career he was 313-268 with New York (.539), 250-236 with Arizona (.514), 319-329 with Texas (.492 mostly due to the fact that they had A-Rod and not much else), and 332-304 with Baltimore.   In every case, he took over a crappy team and built them into winners.

6. Putting Chase Whitley out there every 5 days is not the answer.  Putting Jeff Francis out there every 5 days is not the answer.  Putting...well, you get my drift...


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