Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yankees & Cubs Still Need To Make A Trade

The New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs could not work out a deal for either Jeff Samardzija or Jason Hammel but that doesn't mean these two teams can't still match up in a trade. The Cubs have a plethora of young shortstop depth and the Yankees have a guy named Derek Jeter retiring at the end of the season, let's make a deal?

The Cubs have Starlin Castro at shortstop already and recently acquired the Oakland A's top prospect, a shortstop, Addison Russell. On top of that the Cubs have Javier Baez, one of their top prospects who is also a shortstop, and Arismendy Alcantara at short.

Baseball America ranked Baez as their 5th best prospect, MLB.com had Baez ranked 7th, and Baseball Prospectus had Baez ranked 4th in their preseason rankings. Alcantara was ranked 100th by BA, 89th by MLB.com, and #83 by BP before the 2014 season.

Starlin Castro is blocking them all with a contract that goes through the 2019 season with an option for the 2020 season. Castro is being paid $59 million after this season including the option so he seems like the least likely of the bunch to be traded. Will the Cubs move Baez to another position, second or third base, or will he be the man that we traded Luis Severino for and the man that replaced the great Derek Jeter?

Stay tuned...

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