Sunday, August 3, 2014

8/3 Yankees Open Game Thread vs. Boston Red Sox

Welcome to tonight's open thread for the game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Get your mute button ready as this game will be seen on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball which probably means John Kruk. The game will be played at 8:05 pm ET and will have David Phelps on the mound for the Yankees facing off with Allen Webster for the Red Sox.

Get your tickets for tomorrow night's game when the Yankees try to get to Max Scherzer of the Detroit Tigers early. Follow us on Twitter by following @GreedyStripes and like our page on Facebook by searching for The Greedy Pinstripes.

It's an open thread, it's Yankees and Red Sox, and it's ESPN so we should have plenty to talk about so use the comments section on the site. Enjoy the game Yankees family and enjoy the rest of your evening. Go Yankees!


  1. HERIBERTO RIVAS....Welcome to Greedy Pinstripes. Enjoy, and learn here.
    All your thoughts could have been confined to one post. No need to push the comment line along,
    with four posts, within 15 minutes. Three other prior comments have since vanished for that


    Mrs. Margret Lent, deceased catholic school teacher, for thirty eight years, used those words.

    In this case, the student being tested is....the New York 2014 Yankees.
    The test lasted 109 games, as of 6 PM today.
    Sorry , but the results are in, they scored 'Vanilla', as in bland, or some what non-interesting, etc.
    I could go on with the funny stuff, but for what worth.
    It is a failing grade.
    A grade scored on a curve, after spending $500 million over the winter.

    Observation : This is a slightly above .500 team. No better, no worse. No one should hold their breath.

    Forecast : Unless a remedy is will find that the late Jimmy Hoffa will play longer.

    Solution / remedy : Here comes patrick's record / cd / recording.

    I say, somewhere on this earth, in MLB, there is a bat. An obtainable bat exists.
    A bat that will invigorate, and pick up the flag, and drive this team forward. A force, a man.

    I dislike Boston, even thought my son lives there . But. every time David Ortiz come up, he strikes
    fear in me. It seems the Yankee pitchers think so also.
    Sorry, but at present, the Yankees send up bails of hay. Players who only scare themselves.
    Players who want to send me into a deep sleep / coma. Scarecrows.

    If they are sitting Ichiro, and Wheeler...that is fine. But why ?
    But, man, there has to be a target out there...waiting to be obtained. There must be !
    My candles can not do everything. Candles from China...F....'... are useless.

    As for Heriberto Rivas, on the almost anniversary of the scuttling of that toilet...Yankee Fans Unite..
    I smell a skunk.
    Read into it as you wish.

  3. THE MISSING putting the Yankee line-up back on it Rusney Castillo ?

    He has a Florida audition with the Yankees this Friday. If he continues to impress, do the
    Yankees move quickly ? With a bold move, and push for a signing ?

    I still have not seen any offensive stats / history, from his years of playing in Cuba.
    Strange ? Or, do they not keep them down there ? As with their ages, the stats could be lies also.

    He may be the link, but at this point in time...with just average may be too late.
    But please, give the guy a good hard look. Don't let Castillo become the fourth All-Star to
    evade a Yankee signing.

  4. I think the Prado signing all but killed any Rusney signing for this season, no? I guess they could let go of ichiro but I doubt it. Not with the PR hit and the 3,000 hit chase. Hal is about making money, not winning.

  5. ELLIJAY....if the Prodo signing scuttles a Rusney Castillo signing....then why invite him to
    Tampa, this Friday, for a private audition ?
    Yes, I think they may address Ichiro very soon.

    1. You're guess is as good as mine. You may be right, and I hope you are, but I have seen the Yankees pass on so many of these guys I am becoming a pessimist.


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