Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mariners Wanted Bryan Mitchell For Dustin Ackley

Brian Cashman did his due diligence this trading deadline and had conversations with just about everybody and ended up with Stephen Drew from the Boston Red Sox and Martin Prado from the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Yankees GM called the Mariners Gm about the availability of Dustin Ackley before the deadline passed but the two sides were unable to hammer out a deal.

The Mariners wanted pitching prospects Bryan Mitchell from the Yankees in exchange for the outfielder/second baseman/first baseman. Obviously the Yankees found that price to be too steep and passed and who could blame them. Ackley has only hit .240/.303/.343 over the last three seasons. Ackley does have three more seasons of team control to Prado's two and for a lot cheaper as well but Prado is definitely the better player of the two. 

I wouldn't have necessarily been upset with giving up Mitchell for Ackley but it's not one of those deals I am terribly upset with either way. 

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