Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Discussing a 2015 Contract for Chase Headley

Yesterday we took a look at Brandon McCarthy and a potential contract for the 2015 season and beyond with the Yankees and today we will look at another player the Yankees acquired at the trading deadline, Chase Headley. Headley is currently in his age 30 season, although 2015 will be his age 31 season, and plays a stellar third base defensively. Chase has also filled in out of necessity at first base when mark Teixeira needed a day or two off and did not skip a beat defensively, a site for sore eyes after watching others struggle over at first this season. Headley can also switch hit which really adds to the versatility of the lineup and gives manager Joe Girardi tons of options to mix and match, which can only help.

Headley is in the final season of arbitration and is making $10.53 million in salary before heading into free agency for the first time in his career. Just two seasons ago Yankee fans were salivating about having Headley manning the hot corner in New York with his .300 average and 30+ home run power and Headley was likely salivating thinking of the monster contract that he would receive in doing so. Headley has fallen off a bit with his production in recent years and has fallen victim to the injury bug which will likely keep a new contract down in terms of years and salary, something that works in the Yankees favor.

New York already has Alex Rodriguez in the fold for 2015 although he is likely to be designated as a DH for most of 2015 barring any injuries and such. Third base is wide open and Headley will likely use a weak third base market to his advantage in the negotiations. The only notable third baseman that will hit the market are Hanley Ramirez, who the Dodgers will likely attempt to retain, and Pablo Sandoval, who the San Francisco Giants are likely to attempt to retain.

With that said I fully expect Headley to receive a raise from his $10.5 million AAV but not much of one. Not many .240 - .250 hitters are getting much more than $12 million per season, especially when they seemingly have been zapped of their power, so I wouldn’t expect Headley to get much more than that in the open market. The years I am unsure about because presumably Headley will want some security heading into the latter part of his prime. I could see Headley asking for a four or even five year deal and ultimately settling on a three or four year deal. If the Yankees weren’t interested I couldn’t see much more than a two year deal for Headley but we all know how the team has a history of bidding against themselves in situations like this.

In the end I can see Headley getting a three year deal worth around $35 - $38 million from the Yankees. Again, just like yesterday with Brandon McCarthy, this is not necessarily what I personally would want to give Headley but this is what I believe the Yankees will ultimately give Headley. Agree? Disagree? Like? Dislike? Tell me about it in the comments section. 


  1. I think bringing Headley back is almost a must. I would even be okay with 3/$45 and a vesting option for a 4th year. We don't know what we'll get from Arod going forward. And we all know Tex is a violent sneeze away from career ending back surgery. Headley can play both corners. I would love to see Roller get a shot backing up Tex, but I'm not sure he can play anywhere else. But chances are, Tex will spend considerable time on the shelf next year, so Roller should see plenty of playing time if he makes the roster.

  2. I agree. For me personally bringing Headley back is almost important, if not more important, than bringing David Robertson back.

    Roller is a first base or DH only unfortunately. He is a big guy and doesn't carry it as well as many.

    1. That is about what I was getting to last night(?). Roller would be nice to have, but unless Tex hits the DL he would only be a pinch hitter off the bench. Might be better to keep him in AAA, just a call away.
      Conversely, I would bring up Rafs, Pirela, Banuelos and maybe Lindgren, although Lindgren is not needed right now, he and Severino can stay in AAA until spring training and we can see what they can do then.
      One must remember the farm stats are a guide, not how a player is going to do in the big Show...good or bad! The main differences between AA and AAA is...not much except, one is being blocked.

  3. Lindgren is absolutely needed right now to take some pressure off Betances, Warren, and Kelley. Also gets Rich Hill off the team which doesn't hurt either.

    1. You think they will put him on the 40 man and bring him up in Sept? I would like to see it but, they have a habit of not rushing anyone as fast as that. No doubt, he and Banuelos would help out the top of the BP...they have been used one hell of a lot. Even Dellin has given up a few hits lately, and Warren is at the end of his sting.
      Let's see if our Great Leader can kick them into it, good call...make it happen!

  4. I don't think they will, no. They should, yes, but they wont. Probably want to give him as much time as they can in the minors before calling him up.


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