Monday, August 18, 2014

Jeter Will Remain Yanks' Shortstop Despite Recent Successes of Prado and Drew

Derek Jeter will continue being the Yankees' starting shortstop despite the recent successes of fellow infielders Martin Prado and Stephen Drew. 

In the last two games of this weekend's series in St. Petersburg, as you probably remember, the defensively-average Jeter DH'd in place of Carlos Beltran, who had finally gotten healthy enough to play right field in an act that also moved Prado to second base.

No, at this point nothing about #2's near future is technically guaranteed, but since Joe Girardi did say the following quote shortly after yesterday's win over the Rays it definitely seems likely that the 40-year-old will stay at his usual position. 

“That’s not a discussion that I really want to have right now,” Girardi unsurprisingly told Chad Jennings of The Journal News. “With Carlos being able to play the outfield, I can obviously do some different things. But Jeet’s my shortstop.”

Now if you've watched any contests lately, it's undeniable that Prado and Drew are better options when it comes to using a glove, with the former's many great plays against the Rays Sunday clear signs of that statement's truth.

Nonetheless, due to Jeter's well-known reputation as The Captain something like half-benching him probably wouldn't sit well with a good amount of Yanks fans, even if doing so likely would improve the team.


  1. RUSNEY bones are telling me Boston. They have the money, and a great piece to
    reload with.
    At present the Yanks have Drew, and another half dozen long term contracts. Castillo, in a
    normal world makes so much sense.

    George would have signed him, along with one, or two of the other Cubans, that are now All Stars.

    Picture, Puig, in our left field ? Nah, we have Ichiro. And, his maybe 3000 hits. Who needs Puig ?

  2. ONLY AN OLD POSTER....would know, the Jive Five. ( or, that terminology )
    An old doo wop group from the 60's-80's...and a bit longer.
    " My True Story "...# 3...1961.
    " I'm a Happy Man "...# 26...1965.

    Someone is reaching way back there.

  3. ELLIJAY.....need more fire accelerant, to throw on the fire ?
    Refsynder...2-3 last night ( Monday )
    Roller...2-5...12-36, last nine games. (Monday, also )

    Who need these guys ? We have Drew, and no power.

  4. Rocket Reed says...." one can dream."
    Besides deranged naked midgets, and renigade priests....I will not go there.

  5. little p patrick, Philadelphia (big P) are said to be the favorites right now for Castillo. You know how those reports go though, we were favored to land Cespedes too. Just an FYI.

    Never heard of the Jive Five and looking back I am pretty glad I missed the 40's and 50's, music wise anyway. Not my style.

    And no pat, i don't need more fuel for my Refsnyder fire. I get mad daily when I see the box scores. Absolutely ridiculous. I know the team has concerns about his defense, and honestly they are warranted, but he has made it to the point that you have to find a spot for his bat, defense be damned.

    1. His defense is not that bad, there was a guy with a good bat/bad glove, replacing Wally Pip for a game once...he became a very, very good 1st baseman and never came out of the line-up until he couldn't do the job anymore...his name was---------?

  6. Ken Gehrig Reed?

    Also, just to play devil's advocate, if you have a guy with questionable defensive skills you hide him at first base or left field. Think Miguel Cabrera and Manny Ramirez for recent examples of that. Or DH like Big Popup. So Gehrig was not exactly the best example when the Yankees want Castillo at a prime defensive position like second base.

    1. Nine, Nine Daniel, I meant Refy not Rusney. I wasn't clear on that, sorry! I don't think Rusney was going to cut it as a 2nd baseman anyhow!

  7. Even so the point remains that Refsnyder would play a premium position at second base with a "bad glove." You can "hide" Gehrig at first, although he did well enough as far as I can tell with defensive metrics, but it's a lot harder to hide a guy at second base. Think Brian Roberts.

    1. But, but, Daniel, he has had 2 errors at 2nd base, this year. If there is something else wrong with his play at 2nd...foot-work takes care of half the problems. I admit, I have never seen him play, therefore I can't judge his play. Have bat will play, even at SS or catcher.

    2. I think he has had two errors at second base this year in AAA. He had quite a few in double A. Not that this probably matters, just saying.

  8. Joe didn't say Jeter was The Starting SS, so that leaves him DH'ing more as the year goes on....maybe! I hate it when good players play too long! As ones 1st impression is a look at a players potential, ones last impression stays with one for ever!


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