Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quick Hit: McCann Activated Today, For Real This Time

Brian McCann is expecting to be activated off the seven day concussion disabled list today, for real this time. I know we posted this yesterday morning but the Yankees way of thinking gave McCann another day, and frankly it made sense. Francisco Cervelli always catches pitcher Shane Greene so with Greene pitching yesterday afternoon the Yankees played the cautious parent once again and gave McCann one more day just to be sure.

McCann is expecting to be activated today and in the lineup in the finale against the Tampa Bay Rays. Unless Joe Girardi pulls a "take a day today, off day tomorrow" approach that will likely make me want to scream.


  1. REFSNYDER.....3-6 yesterday. ( Saturday )

  2. I READ THE OTHER DAY....that some here, think I speak of others harshly. Really ?
    I will tend to poke at new comers, to see what they are made of.
    But ' harsh words ' ? Not hardly.

    1. Aw, just shuckin' ya kid!
      Didn't mean to berate you at all!
      A lady, is a lady, but she is also a young fan and a Jeter fan, I should think. Young enough to have never seen the best teams the Yankees have had over the last 20 years! So, her out look of the Yankees and their players has really just begun. Just as you and many around here have your favorite players, picked from around1985 on up to now.
      I just think it behooves us to help her learn as much as possible, the History of the Yankees is long and storied.

  3. COPY,.....ROCKET.
    I was just pushing her buttons. The age thing, made me put the brakes on.
    Life goes on.
    " Shuckin' ya ".....good to hear that term again.


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