Sunday, August 31, 2014

Will Those On The Farm Get a Shot

I hope these signings are only for the year, because it makes no sense whatsoever! We have a plethora of lefty BP pitchers just knocking DOWN the door for a chance to play next year. For once I would love to see the Yankees use the head on their shoulders for more than a hat rack.

I can understand them doing this (as you pointed out before) for the contract control situation. So I am hoping the guys on the farm...40 man or not, get a fair shot at making the team next year.

As most know, I am a proponent of the home grown talent first, with that in mind I think the GM of this team should make a case for NOT signing any player to more than a 5 year contract if over 30 years old.

A caveat, if I may, depending on the position said player plays and what we have down on the farm.

Example: Melky and Jackson were traded at a young age for reasons other than talent but, this trade for a two year rental has been going on for years. It MUST stop. Why would a big time talent with a chance to go to college want to sign with the Yankees knowing he may never play no matter how he did on the farm until he is in his mid to late 20's.

We have players on the Farm right now that may be able to help the team this year, and maybe not. I have no problem with (at this late date) holding them over for next years spring training...but I don't want them to be left behind because of the contract given to an over the hill player. Some players take a while to adjust to the speed of the majors, and get sent back down, only to come back latter because they finally figured it out. Hell, Mickey was sent back down, he came back and look what he did.

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