Sunday, August 31, 2014

8/31 Yankees Open Game Thread vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Welcome to the final open thread we will see and the final game we will see in the month of August for the 2014 season. This also marks the final time that Derek Jeter will play in Toronto and the final time the Yankees will likely play in Toronto this season. The Yankees will send Brandon McCarthy to the mound looking to keep the team hot while the Blue Jays will counter with JA Happ. The game will be played at 1:07 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with WFAN.

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It's an open thread so chat during the game in the comments section or on one of the many social media sites that we use to interact with us during the game. Enjoy the game and enjoy what's left of your weekend Yankees family. Go Yankees!


  1. Well, two of the old "Kiddie Korp" came through today, one with a HR the other, an RBI single with two out. Now 2-0 Yankees!

  2. I really hate to say this Daniel, as I know you like Jeter and look up to him as one of, if not the Greatest Yankee ever but, he is killing this team. In the field and at the plate, sure he gets hits but, when it really counts, the pitchers can and do get him out...ground ball to 2nd, 1st or strike-out. It has been the same for about 3 or 4 years he is not a # 2 hitter anymore and hasn't been for a while. It is not how many hits one gets, it is when he gets those hits...what type of hits they are etc.
    Even some of the Blogs are starting to wonder why he is batting #2.

  3. I was one of the biggest Jeter questioner until I met you Reed so you won't offend me with these comments. I have just always stuck behind the fact that the Yankees won't do this or won't do that with Jeter just because of what he is. What the Yankees will do and what I think should be done are two different things.

    1. I really don't mean to offend anyone, I see what I see, not what others tell me I see. I have seen the best of the best play baseball. I just don't see where a offensive only SS can be one of the Greatest Yankees of all time. Hell, Scooter has better Defensive marks than Jeter and except for 1 (maybe 2) years he walked more than he SO...averaged 63 BB to 39 SO with a AL MVP. Back then they wanted defense from the 2nd baseman and SS...different times, different game.


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