Saturday, September 6, 2014

After Losing 1-0, is There Any Hope Left For the Yankees?

Let's just get to the point here: yesterday's game was a disaster. 

Whether it was because the Yankees never reached third in it or because they made James Shields look like Cy Young two weeks after scoring six runs off of him, it was an absolute embrassment for the loaded-with-talent team, who slipped to 4 1/2 out in the wild card standings with its occurance. 

Still, since it is just September 6, do the Yanks have time to make a big run? Maybe. It's easy to doubt their ability to do so, but could it happen? Let's explore. 

First Scenario: YES
Think about it. The Tigers aren't playing well right now, and the Mariners have two series left against both the A's and Angels. Who do the Yankees face off with  exactly? Just the Orioles and Blue Jays. So, assuming effort on their part, it's definitely possible that New York will be fine here. They just have to make sure they play hard.

Second Scenario: NO
Unfortunately, this one's more likely. Yes, the above paragraph makes a point or two (?), but come on, the Yankees have rarely done what they should this season. Usually I try to be positive when it comes to this team, but I just think I've seen too much at this point. I want them to succeed, but that doesn't I can't still be honest.

Leave your thoughts below on what you think the answer to this post's title is.


  1. Unfortunately, no. If the team showed signs of life I would say yes but they haven't. The games don't bother me as much as the offense.

    1. I don't make judgments based off one game so no. Especially when they did it off the Royals bullpen, rookies, long men, and journey men. They didn't do it off Duffy.


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