Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Year of the Walk Off: Part II?

Are we experiencing the year of the walk off part two for the New York Yankees. If you remember back in the 2009 season Michael Kay was quoted as saying “and the year of the walk off continues” as New York walked off against Minnesota three times in three games during a weekend set at Yankee Stadium. While the 2014 version of the Yankees should not and will not be compared to the World Series champion 2009 squad the current edition of the Yankees have walked off quite a bit this season.

Carlos Beltran started the Yankees walk off barrage on June 20 against the Baltimore Orioles when he hit that towering home run to left field at Yankee Stadium. Brian McCann has two walk off hits this season including a walk off single against the Cincinnati Reds and Aroldis Chapman on July 20 and again on August 24 against the Chicago White Sox when he hit a walk off home run. McCann's second walk off came just two nights after teammate Martin Prado got his first walk off hit as a Yankee. Chase Headley also has two after hitting a walk off single in his first game with the team on July 22, just two days after McCann had his first walk off hit with the club, and hitting a walk off home run on Thursday night against the Boston Red Sox. Martin Prado hit a walk off single back on August 22 to help the Yankees win another game against the Chicago White Sox.

In total four different people have had walk offs this season accounting for Brett Gardner wasting perfectly good Gatorade six times. In 2009 the Yankees walked off a staggering 15 walk off wins. The year of the walk off part two? I don't think so but this team has shown some heart and never say die attitudes at times, especially since Brian Cashman made all his July 31 trade acquisitions. 

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