Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thinking About 2015: The Designated Hitter

I know this post will probably not go over too well for the sole reason of roster flexibility and the return of Alex Rodriguez but hear me out before closing out of the blog in disgust. If the Yankees could somehow sign a full time DH that could also play the outfield, allowing Carlos Beltran to DH whenever necessary, and keep A Rod off the team or on the bench then I think it should be done. The Yankees lack right handed power bats in the lineup and one man that fits the DH, outfield, and right handed power bat mold is Nelson Cruz. It also doesn’t hurt that we would be taking him away from a division rival in the Baltimore Orioles.

Cruz signed a very team friendly deal in 2014 after coming off a Biogenesis induced steroid suspension in 2013 and has done nothing but hit home runs ever since. Cruz has easily been the biggest bargain in all of baseball in 2014 and Baltimore has enjoyed the fruits of his labor. With Baltimore running away with the AL East division this season it’s more important than ever to punch them in the gut and take away one (or two if New York also gets JJ Hardy to replace Derek Jeter) of their better talents.

With Cruz and A Rod in the same lineup the Yankees would finally have true right handed power and balance in a lineup without having to stack switch hitter after switch hitter. With Cruz the Yankees could easily DH him most days, let him play in right field other days, and teach him first base for a backup option for Mark Teixeira. Also Cruz has postseason and World Series experience with the Texas Rangers and soon to be with the Orioles which only helps when coming to a huge market like New York.

Cruz will strike out too much, hit for a .265 average, and knock in 30 home runs and 100 RBI in a season, something that the Yankees completely lack in both departments in 2013. Get it done Cash, or whoever is running the show then. 


  1. NELSON ' El que tiene los genitales de un burro ' CRUZ :
    Translation...' the one that has the genitals of a donkey '........

    Cruz will be 35, next July. And, most of those home runs were hit in homer friendly Baltimore,
    He will ask, and get a three year deal.
    I thought we were going younger ?

    Rocket is 2 pm, and I have not had six beers, as you are fond to point out.
    I ran out of beer, after the fourth one.

  2. He doesn't help us get younger but he helps us get better... I'll take either.


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