Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Don’t Worry Tampa, No Pressure

Last year on Mariano Rivera’s farewell tour the Tampa Bay Rays had a very unique and very cool sculpture of the last man to wear #42 made of sand. This year Derek Jeter is retiring so Tampa and their executives may feel some pressure to up the ante and out-do themselves this season but fear not, the bar has been set low by the Baltimore Orioles. The Tampa Bay Rays have no pressure on them this time around as I cannot see them putting out anything worse than what the Orioles did Sunday night.

The Orioles, as we all know by now I’m sure, gave Jeter a captain’s hat, a huge mallet, and a bucket of crabs. The captain’s hat I get, I appreciate, and I thought was clever and thoughtful. The mallet I think was just a reason to get that stupid mascot onto the field and into the festivities. The bucket of crabs though, really? You gave our starting shortstop crabs?

This script just writes itself. As Tampa gets ready to honor the Yankee captain this week at Tropicana Field I reiterate, no pressure. At least your gift won’t be ranked last. 

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