Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Masahiro Tanaka Tentatively Scheduled To Start Sunday

Masahiro Tanaka is tentatively scheduled to start this Sunday for the Yankees against the Toronto Blue Jays. Tanaka is on the 60 day DL so New York will have to make a roster move to accommodate Tanaka on the roster but that shouldn't be a problem whatsoever. Tanaka will be making his first start since early July as he attempts to rest and rehab a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right throwing elbow. The game will be at Yankee Stadium so get your tickets for that game, should be a good one to watch. 



    Today class, we shall solve a puzzle. Do your best, I know you will get it.
    The question is...what is the meaning of 5 & 6, or 6 & 5 ?

    patrick, what say you ?
    " Eh ? oh, I know...the old man drank five beers from the six pack ! " Do I win a prize ?

    patrick, you are a idiot. Your parents should have named you, Fool. Your prize...you must listen
    to the music that little Daniel listens too.
    " No not that. It's too strange....Daniel is strange also This is unfair !

    Shut up patrick. Now.......you in the back of the room, in the polka dot dress, and
    the dolly...stand up. Your name is Kenny Reed ? Kenny, what is 5-6, 6-5 ?
    " Dang, double dog dang ! That's easy. The Yankees have scored 5 runs in the last 6 games !"

    Good work, Kenny. You just showed all of us, how pathetic the Yankees are these days
    Class dismissed.

  2. I remember saying Jeter was a very good bunter, about as good as Brett. I also said when the situation called for it (or was told to bunt) he would foul them off, to hit with 2 strikes. The key word is "HIT"! Tonight, he surprised me and laid down a perfect bunt! Good show!

  3. MY WISH LIST : I am not a mean spirited guy, well maybe.

    Do you want clarity to see the next generation of Yankees ?
    Four steps, complete them......and it will be laser clarity.

    a) Tampa Mgmt. must allow this group to think on it's own. No distractions.
    If he wishes...Gene Michael must have a larger role. Even as GM.

    b) End this endless Jeter carnival / parade / crusade / distraction...et all.
    They are playing a ghost. A ghost of himself, an dead sea anchor, to this offense. Go away.

    c) CC Sabathia...another ghost. A dreamers delight. It's over. Make him go away.

    d) Alex Rodriquez...the poster boy for Latina Cialis.
    Can he play / hit...who knows ? Either does he. Make him go away.

    You want clarity to see what is wrong ? And, give mgmt a chance ?
    Then clear the decks. Enough is enough.

  4. Being mean doesn't bother me at all Patrick...
    As for The Tampa Cabal, as long as the kids are running things, there will always be the Cabal interference...good luck with that one. That is why, none of the younger and better GMs have been breaking down the door for the job! Maybe Epps thinks he can handle them but...very little to No chance at all.
    Gene Michael is 76, one or two years younger than I am, not a good idea to have him as GM!
    With the Jeter thing, I am sick of all the platitudes I have heard from so many players that know better but also, know what happened to our 3rd baseman for telling it like it is. Unselfish players don't go out there and hurt the team, to many hucksters (Starting with Joe T.) have hyped the guy so much it is like the second coming. All for a singles hitter, where is his Domination? Mo, Guidry, Mantle, DiMaggio, Gehrig, Ruth, Righetti Yogi, our 3rd Baseman and Ford just to name a few had it.
    CC and Our 3rd Baseman are both unknown right now, so we will have to see.
    I agree about having GM run the show with the owner being kept in the loop.

  5. patrick I literally laughed out loud, good work. Takes a lot to make me laugh.

  6. Just because I have nothing more to do today and am bored!
    Upper-Management is good or bad, I have had both.
    Let's take the bad first, shall we...?
    Bad; they are the ones that take the credit for anything done well and blame the ones under them for anything that goes wrong...we have all had those! Come to think of it, that's what we have now!
    How to deal with them?!? That is a tough one because, my generation did things a bit different ...or maybe it was me! My first one came up with a broken arm...yes, he was very clumsy, and fell down. After that, I was on a learning curve and came up with; Do the job their way, until one comes to the point it won't work , after that get the job done as well as expected. Many times they get the first report saying the plan went as expected and run to their bosses saying everything went as plained. Big mistake on their part, because the after action reports show his plan was FUBAR. I get a new boss, because a BAD boss will step in it sooner or later.
    A GOOD BOSS, lays out an objective and puts forth his ideas as a guide. Those in charge of implementing the job, work with him trying to cover every aspect and every option they can think of, or even dream could happen! IF (unheard of) something went wrong, he backed you up and took most of the heat!
    How to deal with a good Boss; with a lot of respect and honesty!

  7. Thanks, Daniel.
    I laughed also.
    I don't think the Rocket saw that post, I would have been hammered by now.

  8. AS PER, BUSTER OLNEY........today.
    The Yankees will sign David Robertson. Makes sense.
    Grant Balfour ? Nah.

  9. ROCKET REED....your last post, inc FUBAR, was tough to follow.
    A China man, could not of followed your trail.
    So many twists, and turns...all ending in FUBAR.

    You must have been dreaming of how to be a good husband, when Mrs. Reed came home.
    Yeah, that's it.

    1. Patrick..this is the key Line...
      "Just because I have nothing more to do today and am bored!"
      I started out trying to expound on your last line in an obtuse way and got cared away having to much fun. lol

  10. It does make sense to bring back D Rob. He would leave a huge hole in that pen if he left, someone would have to pitch the 8th or Dellin would rot 6 days a week out there.


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