Thursday, September 18, 2014

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or is everyone simply ready for this season to be over? Just a quick rant to start the morning off right, my apologies in advance. This season has been full of so many ups and downs and highs and lows that it has been more defeating than usual. I was tore up when the New York Yankees did not make the postseason in 2008 and I was pretty emotional in 2013 when we couldn’t send Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera off the way we should have but this season seems different.

It doesn’t seem different because I necessarily liked Derek Jeter more than the rest of the Core Four I think it was just the expectations that the team came with this season. Conceivably if you spend in excess of $500 million in an offseason you expect to be there. As a fan when you see five of your top six starting pitchers go down and guys like Shane Greene, Bryan Mitchell, Brandon McCarthy, and others step right in and not skip a beat it invigorates you a little and gives you that “we can do this” feeling.

I am beyond depressed about how this season turned out and well beyond disappointed. I think I speak for all Yankees fans when I say we envisioned this season going a lot differently. I think we all had high hopes of sending Derek Jeter out with another championship ring, Masahiro Tanaka with his first, and Joe Girardi with a new uniform number for the 2015 season.

Anyone else just ready for this season to be over because you cannot look away? Even though New York is out of it and struggling you still find yourself watching every single inning of every single game? I know I have been and Twitter has been quiet so I think I know the answer. It’s depressing, I’m depressed, and it’s going to be a long winter.

My apologies for being down and sappy this morning but this is a FAN site and a fan driven site. I am not an insider, I am not an analyst, nor am I an expert, but I am a fan. I get emotional because I put everything I have into this team every single season and sometimes you just have to let it out. Thank you for baring with me through it and supporting the blog, we appreciate it. 


  1. I hear ya. I'm ready for the season to be over too, but I keep telling myself the games are gonna be gone soon and I'm gonna miss it, so I turn on the game, and watch in amazement how they continually fail to drive in runs, thinking, something has to even this out...

  2. DANIEL.....Northeastern expatriot.
    Sappy, was indeed the correct description. Want to talk about it, over a beer ?

  3. Maybe two patrick, I have two hands after all.


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