Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yankees To Attend Yasmani Tomas Showcase

The New York Yankees have already missed out on one Cuban defecting outfielder this season in Rusney Castillo and have missed out on many others including Yoenis Cespedes and Yasiel Puig. New York may not let another one get through their fingers and plan to attend the showcase for the latest and greatest out of Cuba, Yasmani Tomas. Tomas plans to work out in the Dominican Republic on Sunday and the Yankees will have multiple scouts in attendance according to George A. King III.

King believes the contract could go for as much as $100 million on a long term deal. For once New York is not expected to be heavily involved in the bidding nor are they the favorites going into this so that may be a good sign if you are a fan of the team signing Tomas.


  1. YASMANI TOMAS....everyone has an uncle named Yasmani.
    Yasmani.....Sounds like a name for a colon cleanser.
    ie : " A Yasmani in the morning, toilets take warning.." Catchy ?

    Anyway...At the price that this guy may be getting, I doubt the Yanks will be in it. Or, will they ?

  2. Yasmani Tomas, revisited.
    If the Yanks did not still have three outrageous contacts sitting ahead, in 2015...and beyond...
    .....they may have zeroed in on this guy. Only 23 !

    With Sabathia, Rodriquez and Teixeira owed a bounty, how can you sell Tomas, to mgmt ? Sad.

  3. With Beltran manning right field I don't have a good feeling about it either. Especially considering A Rod will likely get the bulk of the DH starts in 2015.

    1. Tomas will have to be a real stud to have the Yankees interested. With all the shifting the teams do, I don't think it will hurt A-Rods game much, if at all...IF, IF he is healthy. I look for he and Headly (or Prado) to split time at 3rd and Beltran and A-Rod at DH. Da, was that to obvious, I mean, nobody could have guessed them playing DH a lot of the year! LOL

      I have been reading on some blogs where fans and (so called) experts are suggesting moving A-Rod to right field and install Headly as our 3rd baseman. Now maybe they have not seen A-Rod and his battles with Pop-Ups, oh, he makes the plays but he has trouble judging them. In the infield, the ball is up there for a year or two, in relation to the first step needed in the out-field. Not a good match to me!
      NOT everyone can play the out-field and play it well!

  4. I agree Mr. Reed. I don't believe A Rod, two bad hips or not, would be an ideal choice in right field. I could see first base and I wouldn't imagine it would be all that different (besides holding runners and such) and not out of his reach potentially.


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