Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quick Hit: 40 Man Roster Crunch Will Keep Refsnyder, Lindgren, Others From Majors In 2014

The New York Yankees are facing a serious 40 man roster crunch for this season and next and for that reason alone many Yankees deserving prospects will not be getting the call this month. Even though the Yankees have a ton of roster moves that could be made to accommodate these players the Yankees don't need to protect these players from the Rule 5 Draft and they likely won't unfortunately.

Even if Masahiro Tanaka came back he could be added to the 60 day DL retro active to July 8 and clear a spot for a player at least temporarily. Also players like Jose Campos and Slade Heathcott could be activated and added to the 60 day DL since their seasons are over. The problem is the Yankees would have to carry these players next season as well and leave a few players, Branden Pinder specifically, unprotected on the 40 man roster.

The 40 man roster crunch sucks for prospects fans as we are ready to see Robert Refsnyder, Jacob Lindgren, Kyle Roller, Jose Pirela, and others. I guess we will have to continue to be patient and hope for the best in Spring Training... again.


  1. You're right about having an absolute log jam for the foreseeable future. Long term contracts and good prospects will do that. The only prospect on our roster that might clear is Flores. What could be done though, is trade players that we know have no future in New York. Heathcott, Murphy, Romine, and Almonte all have value and could be moved for something.

  2. Problem with Heathcott is he is, like Mark Teixeira, a sneeze away from a season ending surgery and has little value. Murphy should have already been traded, I can see his value going down. Romine has fallen into the "I'm never going to get called up and used so I don't give a damn" funk.

    Almonte could replace Ichiro next season, I'd trade Flores before I'd trade Almonte. Flores is another Ichiro/Gardner/Ellsbury without power.

  3. Agreed. I don't think Heathcott has had even 1 full season. Him and Romine do have some appeal to other teams though, albeit in a small return. I would rather have something in return than nothing. As far as Almonte, I would rather see him on the bench than Wheeler. Nothing against Wheeler, I just think Almonte is a better power threat off the bench. Plus, with Prado, Drew, and Ryan, we have too much infield depth.

  4. Well I guess we got our answers. Almonte designated, Daley released. Murphy, Claiborne, Mitchell, Whitley, Hill, Young, Richardson, and Roe get the call. Boy, those are the moves that will put us over the top. Not to mention finding out what we have for next year.


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