Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nick's Pick's 2.0: Red Sox VS Yankees 9/2/14

It feels so good to be back and writing again. I unfortunately had to be away and luckily for most of that time we were on a great winning streak. Things have not gone as well since then but nonetheless I am back to finish up September and this final playoff push. We need to get there, it is plain and simple. Playing some good ball down the stretch might catapult us into the 2nd Wild Card which is all we need. Tonight we start a huge series against the hated Red Sox. Sadly, we have struggled against sub-par pitchers, irony at its finest, as we played well against the best. The Red Sox send Joe Kelley to the mound to square off against Shane Greene. Greene has pitched so well for us this year, and a win a day is all we need. Greene needs to step up and show that he can carry us, because we need him more than he knows. I am hoping my picks tonight bring hope to our team and Yankee Universe needs to band together as we look to wish our team right into October.

Breakout hitter: Brett Gardner is batting third tonight, who'd a thunk right? Let's go Gardy! I have faith that Gardner will lead us into a win tonight and the reason is because for some reason that guy can always find a way to do things. Gardner will hit a homerun tonight and carry a hot bat from Toronto into this month. I predict Gardner going 3-4 tonight and hit a double on top of the homerun and maybe bring in a few runs. He will rise to the occasion and show he can hit anywhere in that lineup. If you call it a lineup anymore.

Simply Clutch: Look out people because Shane Greene is going to be the clutch player tonight. I think Greene is going to do something spectacular tonight. I am calling a no-hit effort against the Red Sox tonight with nine strikeouts and a few walks. Greene is going to take clutch to a whole new level tonight. Hey, gotta have some fun with it. Let's go Greeney!

The Yankees need this game today and they need this month. As much as everyone is very upset with the way things are going, I have already cried myself to sleep more than usual,. we can turn this around. Tonight is going to be where we make moves in the standings and heading forward it will just get closer and closer. I predict a 6-1 win tonight. Yeah, you can score without getting a hit. Above all us we need to keep believing in this team! Let's go Yankees, and remember YCPB!


  1. A no hitter for Greene? Now that's ballsy

  2. went ballsy and came up empty.

  3. NICK'S PICKS...not tonight, brother. You're dealing with a cluster f--k tonight.
    7-3 Boston, and Gardner just got tossed.

    Who is Anton Richardson ?...and how is he linked to Chaz Roe ?

    ***** Daniel, lets turn the page on Bryan's....I can do better.

  4. I anxiously look forward to your "better" :)


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