Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Quick Hit: I'm Finally Convinced, Fire Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman 20 minutes before making his September call up decisions........

I have been one of the biggest supporters and apologists for Brian Cashman during his tenure as the New York Yankees general manager but after yesterday's round of roster moves and September call ups I'm done defending him. Fire Brian Cashman, sooner rather than later. If you want to save face let him continue to ruin the team and the organization for the remainder of the season and give him the boot after the season. This is ridiculous and I'm tired of it.

So you let Matt Thornton go and build up Tyler Webb and Jacob Lindgren to call up Rich Hill and trade for Josh Outman. What do we do in September? We bring Hill back and totally ignore Lindgren (more on him later specifically) and Webb.

We start the clock on Slade Heathcott and designate switch hitter Zoilo Almonte for a month's worth of Chris Young and some guy named Antoan Richardson. To be completely honest I am pretty familiar with Richardson but I was trying to drive home my point with the decisions going on right here.

You call up John Ryan Murphy and once again slap Austin Romine in the face. You make a roster move for Preston Claiborne but you leave Manny Banuelos in the minor leagues, oh yeah we have Rich Hill. Is this guy doing it on purpose or do the personnel people really know something I don't?

I'm utterly wordless right now.

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