Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why Is Derek Jeter So Untouchable?

The Yankees manager Joe Girardi stated yesterday that he was unwilling to move Derek Jeter down in the order and out of the second hole in the lineup. Girardi said, to paraphrase a bit, that the entire lineup was struggling and it was unfair to single out Jeter specifically in the lineup and for the struggles, something I read first when I wrote it hours before Girardi basically said the same exact thing. Why is Jeter so untouchable?

Joe Girardi is the same manager that wasn't afraid to move Jorge Posada down in the lineup during the 2011 season. Girardi even ruffled Posada's feathers enough by benching and DH'ing him that Posada was ready to call it a career and walk away from the team, reportedly anyway. Girardi was also the man that moved Alex Rodriguez down in the order the very next season and even pinch hit for him with Raul Ibanez in the 2012 postseason. Girardi benched A Rod for a lot of the stretch run during that 2012 season as well. Why is Jeter untouchable and Posada and Rodriguez not?

Jeter's August numbers were brutal, not that he was alone, after slashing .207/.226/.261. He's not the only one to blame but the idea of moving the lineup around should not be completely out of the discussion either. Shame on Girardi. 


  1. Agreed. The Jeter of '14 simply isn't the Jeter of past years. You can't hold the team back because of one guy's feeling

    Re : Derek Jeter.
    A Captain of a the leader. He sets the tone, stands the tallest, and all others follow.
    He sets the standard / example, and is unselfish. That is not happening here. Why ?

    To me, his ' legacy ' has taken a major hit.
    He should not be batting in the 1-7 holes. AND, he knows this. He is not dumb.
    He is no longer productive. He fields well, gets stupid gifts, but is no longer productive.
    Daniel's numbers are correct, but he is far worse than that.
    " Jeter's August numbers were brutal, not that he was alone, after slashing .207/.226/.261"

    This is were he disappoints me....A true captain, would have pulled Girardi aside, and say....
    " Coach, I'm hurting the team, I'm not pulling my weight.....I'll take a seat on the pines, give
    one of the younger guys a chance."
    That is pure baseball lure. The thing to do. And, his fans will embrace him even more. are getting..." Coach, did you see the cool surf board I got at Anaheim.
    With my number 2 on it ?"

    Sometime, opportunity only comes around once. Too bad.

  3. Paul Konerko is riding the pine for a rookie in his final season with the Chicago White Sox. He's not Derek Jeter, hell he's probably not even Chipper Jones, but he is a class act that puts the team first.

  4. Daniel Ellijay.....I've stayed along with you, in following all your articles of late.
    I can sense that you are on a crusade, angry, and frustrated. You are not alone.
    Let it fly. That's what I'm doing.
    Jeff Levin, and the Rocket...all of us are wing men.
    Nice play on Jeter's part, in the first ? Sad.

  5. I am on a crusade, I am angry, and I am damn frustrated. I put my heart and soul into this team and I am tired of buying this girl drinks and her not putting out.


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