Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nick's Picks 2.0: Red Sox VS Yankees 9/3/14

I am pretty sure by this point the Yankees are hating going to work, because this is driving me nuts to watch. After a horrendous display last night, I could have jinxed that, a new night is what the team needs. This series can still be won, and needs to be won. Tonight is going to be Kuroda on the mound and he can get it done, if only we have enough support behind him. My picks tonight will not be as crazy as yesterdays, because I do not think I can be any more wrong than I was with those picks. 

Breakout Hitter: Watch out for Carlos Beltran tonight. The team as a whole has not faced Red Sox starter Anthony Ranaudo much, but in that small sample Beltran has taken him deep. Look for Beltran to belt one tonight, no really I think he might get one. I think Carlos goes 2-4 and drives in two runs, scoring two and helping the team to a big victory. 

Pitcher to watch: I think that tonight we are going to see Kuroda put together a pretty decent outing. Hopefully he quiets those bats because we do not want another game like last night. Kuroda is due to finally get that 10th win, and I think he pitches seven strong with six strikeouts. We need you tonight Hirok! 

Simply Cluth: Come on Ichiro! I want something from you at the bottom of the lineup. We need you to act as a table setter and get on for the big boys at the top. Look for Ichiro to get on and cause some havoc. Yeah, we know he wont be stealing any bases, but you never know. Ichiro will be the big run tonight. 

Simply, we need a win tonight. Not too confusing, just a W at the end of the day. The Yankees cannot afford to keep this up, they need to get on a winning streak and stay on it. I have a notion that tonight we finally pull through and start this streak, I hope. Yankees will win tonight 5-3. Let's go Yankees! Remember YCPB!  

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