Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tanaka Solid in 5-2 Win Over Blue Jays

Returning ace Masahiro Tanaka surrendered just one earned run in a nice 5 1/3 innings and Brian McCann homered twice today as the Yankees impressively clinched this weekend series with a 5-2 win over the Blue Jays.

In his start this afternoon, his first since July 8's loss to Cleveland, Tanaka struggled early on, giving up singles to the first two batters he faced before an Edwin Encarnacion double play gave Toronto an early lead. 

Nonetheless, after McCann took Drew Hutchinson deep to right in the bottom of the first and Brett Gardner followed him with another four-bagger (the 15,000th one in the franchise's 112 year history) in the fifth the right-hander had a one-run advantage, one which lasted forever yet almost disappeared in the visitors' half of the sixth. 

Indeed, the Jays came dangerously close to scoring off Tanaka in that frame, putting two men on with one out to force the rookie's removal after 70 pitches. 

Still, thanks to the two-strikeout heroics of Adam Warren and a three-run spot following the stretch the now 80-75 Yanks would eventually win the contest pretty handily, with that late trio crossing home thanks to a double by the red-hot Derek Jeter and a two-run shot by the aforementioned McCann.


  1. A REEVALUATION....of this this 2014 squad. And, the fine men that did their best.
    A bit early to do this, but I am very proud of them at the moment.

    The season of flaws, funks, injuries, a crushed pitching staff, players stepping up, and
    the ever gray cloud hovering overhead...murmuring " they can not hit." It happens.
    They played the best they could, and are still trying. You can't ask for more.

    I am very proud of them, and very proud to be part of this site.
    Twelve months ago, I was ready to throw in the towel. Funny how one door opens...etc.
    Thank you Tommy, Daniel, and the man on the ramparts...Ken Reed. ( My guidance counselor )

    1. I think Tommy and Daniel are glad to have you around, as am I.
      Me being a guidance counselor, I think the last time I counseled anyone, it was my son. I told him, NEVER hit someone in the face with his hand...only in the nose, one can break their hand otherwise. And Never, Ever, hit a Woman, for any reason.

  2. Just my opinion but, I really think the replacement Starters did a much better job than Nova, CC, Pineda would have! Sorry to say but, I can't see CC and Nova doing anything near what the others have.

  3. Nova I think could, he had a very strong second half and seemed like he was finally putting it all together. CC, no way. I agree with CC but not Nova

  4. Ken is right, I am very proud and glad to have both of you here with us. I'd say the same for Tommy White Boy if he could get off the toilet long enough to come around.

  5. Tommy White Boy....funny how that evolved, so quickly. It works for me.

  6. Only da truf on dis site, don ya no?

  7. Tommy White Boy is gonna stick for a while me thinks.


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