Monday, September 15, 2014

Yankees Take Another Day Off; Lose Embarrassingly to Rays 1-0

Chris Capuano tossed an impressive 6 innings of two-hit ball and Adam Warren followed him by getting six more outs, but since the offense never reached third and Shawn Kelley struggled in the ninth the Yankees fell in walk-off fashion tonight to the Rays, 1-0, the third time in the last five games they've done so. 

Now in his outing this evening, though he threw 101 pitches, Capuano looked really good, allowing just a pair of singles while walking and striking out four to keep the contest in a scoreless tie.

Nonetheless, since the Yanks' already-bad offense somehow got even worse the veteran left-hander eventually had to settle for a no-decision, an unfairness that only got worse in the aforementioned ninth.

And yes, that frame was just as bad as yesterday's.

After surrendering two one-out knocks to put the winning run in scoring position in the at-bat, Kelley uglily walked PH Matt Joyce, loading the bases and appearing to be enough of a reason for Joe Girardi to take the reliever out.

Nonetheless, Girardi again refused to acknowledge that the other team was threatening to cross home, leaving Kelley in to face the 1-for-4 Ben Zobrist, who lined a 1-1 fastball into right field to end the night and hopefully wake Girardi up from his no-problems-here delusion.


  1. Shawn Kelly and our anemic offense strike again. That was too painful to watch. I don't know what was worse. Watching Beltran come up in the ninth while Austin sits at home, or seeing Drew come in for Headley while Refsnyder sits at home. I hate watching the Yankees lose, but I hate it even more when we have better options.

  2. TAKE COVER !!!....INCOMING !!!

    Two potential stink bombs, are about to be lobed at next years squad.
    And you thought it could not get any worse.
    Here they come, along with awful price tags...lookout !...Sabathia & Rodriguez.
    Riding blind donkeys over the horizon, to our rescue.

    Surprised me, that some at this site, looked at Sabathia as a needed piece. A quality # 5 !
    Are you nuts ? This is now a # 9. What have you been watching the past two years ?
    Oh, he was not healthy ? ...Jesus, man, he will never be the same again !

    These two insane contracts are a sinkin' boot, on your neck. And, they're just five months away.
    Some one should be I didn't do it, he did !...Jerks / Morons.

    If you think this years cavalcade of stars put you to sleep, just wait 'til they add the
    $ 24 million batting practice pitcher, .....and the $ 26 million Latin stud.

    One can't throw a fastball anymore.( But, they fixed his knee ), and the other is an enigma.
    A stallion in the bedroom, to washed up women, who boarder on the lower mentality level.
    Imagine the foreplay ?

    God help us.

  3. Especially hurts watching Austin sit at home when we know the team is going to protect him from the Rule 5 Draft this winter anyway. It doesn't make sense NOT to give him a roster spot now.

  4. To be fair patrick you expect innings to be eaten out of a #5, not a 3.50 ERA and 15 wins. CC isn't an ace anymore and he shouldn't be used like one anymore but he could be a #5. I'm a #9, lol.

    I have zero expectations for A Rod next season. I would love for him to come in and hit home runs and do his thing and i am rooting for it, but I can't say I'm predicting it.


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