Friday, October 10, 2014

Cashman Admits That It's Not Safe to Assume A-Rod Can Play Third

Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman admitted in his press conference today that it's not safe to assume Alex Rodriguez can play third base in 2015. 

Cashman, fresh off a three-year contract extension he reached with the team this afternoon, and the rest of the Yanks have often stated this season that they believe in the veteran's abilities. Rodriguez, 39, was suspended all of last year for allegedly using steroids, the second time he had been accused of doing so in his career.

“I don’t think it’s safe to assume that (Rodriguez) can play third base,” Cashman told The LoHud Yankees Blog. “Obviously Alex has been a third baseman in years gone by. He missed obviously a full year. With his age and missing a full year, (the Yankees saw) how it affected Derek (Jeter), how it affected Mark Teixeira, for instance. You have some perspective. This is a very difficult game."

Cashman said that he still has confidence in the troubled infielder, but added that he doesn't think it's likely that he'll be able to get through the entire schedule. 

"Alex is up for that challenge," Cashman said, "there’s no doubt about it, but I think that with Martin Prado here to provide flexibility, as well as potential acquisitions whether it’s free agents or maybe trades that present themselves over time, I think from the chair that I sit in, I think it’s safer to assume that might not be something that he can handle the whole year.”

Currently, the Yankees seem to want A-Rod to start, but also appear to be weighing their options. At this point, obviously, nothing is certain with Rodriguez, a fact that could lure the club into aquiring another guy this offseason. Again, could. 

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