Friday, October 10, 2014

Derek Jeter and Turn 2 Racked Up This Season

Many around the league wonder if the only reason Derek Jeter announced his retirement so early in 2014 was to maximize profits for his Turn 2 Foundation, himself, the Yankees team, his Player’s Tribune blog, etc. When you look at the tally from the 20 clubs that honored Jeter this season you have to think maybe they are onto something here. Was the whole farewell tour an elaborate scheme from someone who is looking to go from being a businessman to a business, man?

When the final tally came in Jeter had raised $367,666.66 for his Turn 2 Foundation. Jeter also made an estimated $9 million in endorsement deals this season which was roughly $7 million more than the second highest endorsed player in Major League Baseball.

Jeter also made money for Major League baseball as in game’s he played an estimated 735,000 fans flocked to see Jeter one last time, an average of 38,761 fans per game. The average ticket price in the majors is $27.93 so Jeter alone roughly brought in another $1,082,594.73 into MLB single handedly. Of course not every single fan that attended these games were there for the sole purpose of seeing Jeter but the average attendance in these games were 8,397 higher than the average attendance in 2014 so you can easily chalk up at least $234,528 up to Jeter alone.

This is all before you consider the money he has brought into the shop, Steiner Sports, Movado, Gillette, Gatorade, Nike,  New Era, Louisville Slugger, Heritage Auctions, Visa, Avon, and third party ticket companies like our friends over at Ticket Monster.

Jeter’s impact on the game was substantial both on and off the field and it’s really amazing when you can start to put this impact into numbers like we have seen today. Happy Friday everybody!


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  2. I SAW HIM....while shaving today.
    Two things to note. I have been working government mule like hours, for a few weeks.
    My trees, and green goods must be sold off be October's end.
    I disconnect from anything postseason games , that does not feature the Yankees.

    The ebola virus, which should concern all of us, angers me. I have grand children.

    To conclude, lets correct your check list.
    Greedy PinstripesOctober 10, 2014 at 1:26 PM

    Have you seen this man?

    patrick Walsh........patrick.
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    Stay well.


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