Sunday, October 26, 2014

ESPN New York's Pros and Cons of Signing Max Scherzer

Scherzer, 30, is coming a nice 2014 in which he went 18-5 with a 3.15 ERA. After winning the Cy Young the season before, interestingly, he rejected a $144 million offer to stay with the Tigers, a fact that will likely come back to hurt him this winter if he doesn't get his asking price.

"With a healthy Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda, adding Scherzer might make the Yankees the favorites in the AL East," Marchand's pros read. "Yes, he will command a big salary, but if the Yankees want to make the postseason next year, it might be a check they have to right."

As for his cons, Marchand mentioned Scherzer's rising age and the possibility that the Yankees may not be willing to give him the length he wants. Remember, when CC Sabathia was signed back in 2008 he was just 28, but has already lost velocity on his fastball.

"Scherzer will likely want seven years, which would take him into his mid-30s," he wrote. "Unlike Lester, who was traded this season, Scherzer would cost the Yankees a first-round pick."

Basically, the Yankees will have to give up a lot if they want to acquire him. Nonetheless, at the end of his piece Marchand opined that the Yankees should pursue Scherzer, citing their lack of a reliable 2015 pitching staff and the fact they'd likely dominate with him as reasons.


  1. Pass on him and go for Lester! No draft picks just money and contract, money they can handle, contract maybe not so much...if it is a CC type!

  2. CC's deal was great until he opted out/signed an extension.

  3. I would pass on both. They're surely going to require a 7 year deal. I don't think a 30 year old pitcher is worth that long of a contract. Too much risk. I would rather have McCarthy on a 3 year deal.

  4. I like the idea of having Lester or Scherzer. I wouldn't be upset if we didn't get either but damn it would be nice.

    1. Looking at it optimistically, from my eyes, we really don't need any of those guys. Sure it would be nice to have them, but they are...with this teams make-up right now...superfluous.
      We have Tank and Pineda as our #1 and 2 (take you pick) Green, McCarthy and CC, with Warren, Phelps, and Man-Bam in the wings.
      I still think Manny and Phelps are better off in the BP. Phelps, because he has a history of arm trouble near the end of the season...arm quits on him. Manny, because of C&C problems (same as Dellin) and going to his two best pitches only in games puts him in the BP and may help his C&C and move his FB up to 93+ as he sets at 92+ now. He would only need his FB and Change-up.
      Wouldn't it be nice to have both Manny (5'9" 150#) and Lindstrom (5'10") in the BP next year? That would give us three leftys of which these two could handle right-handed hitters as well. Phelps is a guy that can go more than one inning, as long as his innings are watched and could be used as a spot Starter.

  5. Just curious who you're third lefty is joining Banuelos and Lindgren? Rich Hill is a free agent and Josh Outman elected free agency.

    1. Isn't Huff still on the roster? I don't really think they will keep three left-handers and I don't know if Lindgren (yes, I looked it up last night after the Comment) or Banuelos can beat him out or not. Going from memory (not a good one) Huff wasn't that good was he?
      My hope is (eternal) that Manny and Lindgren will be good, we could use them in 2015.

    2. Forgot about Huff, you're right he is arbitration eligible. He is a non-tender candidate but still technically on the roster.

      Huff pitched extremely well for us, late in the season (last I checked) his ERA was under 2.00 and his peripherals were nice.

    3. Always nice to have a guy that has; "been there and done that", on the team.

  6. The Bull Pen
    Any order:
    Warren or Mitchell

  7. There is a plethora of pitchers in our system that will be coming into their own within the next year or so. Some will adapt and some won't make it at all. Guys like Severino, Compos and Mongomery are some off the top of my head.
    Maybe I should do something about those that are close and what they have or not. Problem is, finding the time and I have a BIT Different outlook than do many others. What say you?

  8. Have at it, a fresh and different look is always good.


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