Sunday, October 19, 2014

Look at the 2015 Yankees Before Free Agency

The Yankees like always have a lot of work to do before the 2015 season begins so here is a quick look at what the Yankees already have in place for next year. As you can see there aren't many holes to fill as far as the 25 man and 40 man rosters go but there Yankees could become flexible with a non-tender or trade or two.

C: Brian McCann
1B: Mark Teixeira
2B: Martin Prado
3B: Alex Rodriguez
LF: Brett Gardner
CF: Jacoby Ellsbury
RF: Carlos Beltran

BN: Francisco Cervelli
BN: Brendan Ryan
BN: Jose Pirela
BN: Eury Perez

SP: CC Sabathia
SP: Masahiro Tanaka
SP: Michael Pineda
SP: Ivan Nova
SP: Shane Greene

RP: David Huff
RP: Esmil Rogers
RP: David Phelps
RP: Shawn Kelley
RP: Adam Warren
RP: Dellin Betances


  1. RE : THE 2015 ROSTER.
    Nice work Daniel. Are you dressing as General Lee, for Halloween ?

    Like Halloween, it is scary. The same cast of characters that gave us such an exciting 2014 season.
    If they present anything like what is on your list, in April, the fans will run away. Screaming !
    Two years of bland vanilla, is all they can take. They may have to bring back Jeter, to wave
    good-bye again. Another farewell tour, for the saps.

  2. CUBAN 2ND BASEMAN...Jose Fernandez.

    Unlike some ' etch a sketch ' postings here, re: players being reported on, I try
    to give you the beef. Where's the beef ?...will not be linked to patrick.
    Try this...

    " Fernandez, who is not related to the Marlins pitcher of the same name, hit .315/.415/.426 in 65 plate appearances in the Cuban league this season before defecting last week. He hit .326/.482/.456 in 314 plate appearances last year. Fernandez is a left-handed hitter who
    some say has “excellent bat control and plate discipline with occasional power.”

    Fernandez the third best prospect left in Cuba and called him a below-average fielder at second. He’s played some third base but is best suited for second because of his weak arm. Point is, Fernandez’s value will come mostly from his offense, specifically his on-base skills "

    See the difference ? You learned something.

    Yes, I lifted lines, but only to garner the facts.

  3. ANOTHER start the week off right.
    This time from Arizona, a rest stop for illegal immigrants. ( Illegal, is the word often left out )

    Tonight a passionate guy, who chooses to use salty language.
    Lets give a big fat 'Greedy ' welcome to...." yankinvegas ".

    yankinvegas • a day ago

    "Bryce Harper will be a Yankee. The Washington Nationals will decide when that happens.
    He will be the most exciting player we have had since ARod was in his prime.

    On another subject, after reading Bill Madden's Sunday column, in the NY Daily News,
    I hope that when Alex is hitting .275+, with 10 or more homers in late May, he pauses during a post game q&a and simply says, Fuck You Bill Madden ! "

    Rock-on, yankinvegas. My guess Mr. Madden hammered Alex today, but you corrected that.

  4. Vegas isn't in Arizona... is it? Did it move? yankinvegas... Arizona.. not correlating. Anyway...

    I'd take Bryce Harper all day and twice on Sunday. I don't even need to look at the stats, I like the way he plays the game and loves the game.

    ' yaninvegas ' get the pass....patrick now wears the dunce cap. Las Vegas is in Nevada.
    Or, is it now part of Mexico ?

  6. Is there a huge difference? no one likes semantics patrick, lol.

  7. BEFORE / IF...... The curtain goes up tonight:

    I am not fond of dancing on a stage all by myself. I did that for two years, while trying
    to refloat the now deceased ' i-Yankees Site.' It was an labor of love, to put in much time
    at night, writing words laced with humor. I never knew who was reading, and not commenting.
    I knew who hated my efforts, and they always got back twice what they sent over.

    Greedy Pinstripes is a wonderful site.
    The owner, Dan, works harder at his craft than most others.I don't know how he finds the time.

    But, here I am again......dancing in the dark. To an audience that does not interact.
    It does nothing. I don't get it.
    Dan responds every time, but the rest of the commenters...could do more. A lot more.

    After working yeoman's hours all day, and then trying to contribute silence,
    is deflating. This site could be really rocking. But it is not.
    ( I don't want to be told about twitter again. )

    1. Patrick, you are not alone here and I agree on the Twitter thing.
      Just got back in town, tried to hook-up but, things didn't want to do what I wanted them we had a little fight and ...I lost!

  8. Welcome back, Kenneth.
    I'm frustrated, and spinning my wheels. Daniel breaks his back, and the others are no where
    to be heard from.
    Not how we cut our teeth.
    You stay well.....patrick.

  9. It's the offseason patrick, a lot of people take it off when the Yankees aren't in it. Don't get discouraged.

    and Ken, I was worried about you brother. Welcome back.

    1. You got it right Daniel!
      Untill the WS is done and over with, not much if anything happens with the players. Then we have the Owners and GMs' meetings to put up with.

    2. What, NO Red Carpet for my return from oblivion? Shucks and double darn!

    3. We had one but we washed it first and it turned pink... and we known how you feel about men and pink.

  10. Take a deep breath and stand down for a few, everyone!

    That goes for you also Daniel, we like what you are doing but, this is the time to say Hi to the kids and Boss...from one that didn't do enough of that. I was gone too long and often, don't make the mistakes I did...FAMILY is Number ONE.
    My Boss tells me that all the time and, as usual, she is right!

    1. No worries here. I do 90% of my writing at work lol. I just put it all together a day or two in advance when I get home. Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner to be honest. Knocked down my personal time on the blog for 4-5 hours a day to less than one sometimes...

  11. MERCENARY OPINIONS....could be the fourth most active poster at this site.

    How sad, that random selections selected from the baseball blog world, contribute
    more to this site than the light weight know it all's.
    Yes, light weights is a fine term to describe the others at this site, that are not pulling
    very hard on the oars.

    The ' off season ' is not an excuse. Their in actions, speak volumes.
    Other baseball blog sites are now going nuts, with off season anticipation. Not here.

    This behavior is new to me. Ken as well, but he won't say so. He, and I, flourished in year
    round baseball crazed environments....for years.

    Tonight, we again cart out one our top guys...The Mercenary.
    This time from the awful, State of New Jersey. The home of Yankee Fans Unite. Jesus !
    Lets give a big Greedy welcome to..." SweetSpot "
    What say you SweetSpot ?

    SweetSpot • 5 hours ago

    "I wonder if in the internal Yankee meetings this winter, anyone would have the guts to say the following. "It's entirely possible and not at all far fetched to theorize that Sabathia, A-Rod, Teixeira and Beltran 'may' all have injury plagued, lousy seasons in 2015. Would any Yankee fan really be surprised if they did?"

    Nice job SweetSpot. That's why you guys rate so highly...# 4.
    But, I disagree with you, on Beltran. The bone chip in his elbow, did him in for '14.
    I feel he will be a force for the ' 15 team.

    Not hard to do. Just do your share. I will make no excuses for you, ever.


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