Saturday, October 25, 2014

Red Sox Keep Chili Davis From Yankees

I was reading about some of the coaching moves and non-moves going on with the Yankees, and I came across a very interesting quote regarding Chili Davis agreeing to be the Boston Red Sox new hitting coach.

Davis was one of the guys the Yankees were looking at for their vacant hitting coach position, after he held the same position with the Oakland Athletics since November of 2011. However, on Sunday, Boston swooped in and signed Chili to a three year deal.

While a three year contract for a hitting coach isn't unprecedented (Kevin Long was signed to a three year deal with the Yankees when he was fired), it is a bit long. It turns out the Sox gave Davis a three year deal because it "was the only way Davis could be kept from signing with the Yankees."

One thing that struck me was the desperation. While Oakland went from 8th in the American League in runs scored in 2012 (the season after Davis was hired), to 3rd in 2013, and 3rd again in 2014, it's not like Davis, or any hitting coach for that matter, would turn the Yankees from the 11th ranked offense in the AL to an offensive juggernaut. But maybe my ignorance is shining through in this case.

But there's another thing...

There was a time in which I thought the Yankees cared too much about what went on in Boston. My feeling has always been that the Yankees should simply do what's best for them without caring what the other guys do. You should be trying to lift yourself up, not trying to bring others down.

But that's what Boston apparently did. Instead of simply doing what's best for their team, they made a quick decision to try and hurt the Yankees. It's that type of move that helps erase any fear I had of the Red Sox.

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