Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sabathia: I Can Pitch Like My '09 Self in 2015

Injured Yankees' Pitcher CC Sabathia apparently doesn't think his days of dominance are over.

Talking with ESPN Radio earlier this week, Sabathia was asked if he could perform like his 2009 self again next season, to which he responded that he "definitely" can. Sabathia, now 34, is coming off a shortened 2014 campaign, one that probably wasn't good for him considering his hefty 5.28 ERA.

"I think so," Sabathia said, via The Star Ledger. "It's obviously six, seven years later now. But, yeah, I think I can definitely get back to being able to go out and dominate a game and just be myself."

Sabathia said that he has a plan for next year, which he says worked for him back in Spring Training. He put together a 1.29 ERA in 21 innings during tht month, helping the Yankees win more than half of  their exhibitions for the third time since he joined them.

"I think we've got a pretty good plan," he said. "I throw the two-seamer now. Just trying to work both sides of the plate with all my pitches. That was something we were getting accomplished in spring training (this year). I had a pretty good spring training. And I think that's something going forward that I can use to make myself a better pitcher."

Hopefully he's right about that, as the Yankees are set to pay him at least $48 million over the next two seasons.

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