Saturday, October 25, 2014

MLB Hot Stove 7 Worst Yankees Contracts

MLB Network's show Hot Stove named their seven worst contracts in New York Yankees history and unfortunately this was pretty hard to look at. Of course we all knew, and agree, that Alex Rodriguez's contract was going to top the list but the rest of the list is pretty interesting, take a look.

7. Jose Contreras  four years $32 million
6. Jaret Wright three years $21 million
5. Hideki Irabu four years $12.8 million plus $3 million sent to the San Diego Padres
4. Roger Clemens one year (prorated, worked out to be four months) $18.7 million
3. Carl Pavano four years $40 million
2. Kei Igawa five years $20 million plus $26 million posting fee
1. Alex Rodriguez ten years $275 million


  1. Igawa's has to be number one. A-Rod at least helped them win in '09.

    1. You can eat Igawa's contract a lot easier then you can A Rods. A Rod makes more in one season then Igawa did in five...


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