Friday, October 24, 2014

Yankees Catching Depth Should Help in 2015

The New York Yankees have a plethora of depth at the catcher position both on the 40 man roster and down in the minor league systems, a fact that may really help the Bronx Bombers in 2015. The catching depth should help the Yankees because one or two of these pieces should be traded to bring in key pieces for another postseason run. Currently the Yankees have two spots on the 25 man roster for catchers and easily five or six guys to fill the positions and New York should take that position of power into the trade market this offseason.

Brian McCann is going to be in Yankees pinstripes for at least three more seasons, likely four with the option on his deal, so the starting job seems secure for a while. Francisco Cervelli has done an admiral job backing up McCann and has shown flashes of brilliance with his bat especially when given the everyday job in 2013. John Ryan Murphy, don’t call me JR, excelled in short spurts and sample sizes in both the 2013 and 2014 seasons while Austin Romine followed up a strong 2013 season with a step back in 2014. Also take note that the Yankees, in my opinion, second best prospect Gary Sanchez is also on the 40 man roster and will start the season in Double-A with Triple-A in his sights.

The problems the Yankees are having, specifically with Romine, is that there are not enough opportunities and at bats to go around for all these guys. Romine sat on the bench when he wasn’t injured in 2014 while essentially backing up Murphy in Trenton. I think this really affected Austin both on the field and mentally as he struggled with his timing and his hitting all season long. Not everyone is made up character wise to be a part time player and I truly think that Romine will continue to struggle without ample playing time, whether it be in New York or elsewhere.

With that said New York should look to move either Murphy or Cevelli. You obviously would like to move Romine but he has absolutely no trade value right now and at this point is more of a throw in type organizational player then the centerpiece of a deal. One of the two is traded and the other acts as a backup catcher for McCann while opening up the Triple-A starting job for Romine. I also would not be against a trade involving Gary Sanchez as long as it brought back a key piece in return, a young shortstop or Giancarlo Stanton for example. Whatever Brian Cashman and company decides to do they need to do it this offseason because if they wait too long it may be too late. Do what the good teams do and trade from a position of power and a position of depth and fill a key spot for cheap on a reasonable contract instead of throwing money at people like a money machine. 

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