Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yankees Plethora of Options at Second Base

Heading into the 2015 season the New York Yankees will have a plethora of options for their overall roster construction, especially at second base. The team has seemingly been built around players that can play multiple positions well giving manager Joe Girardi a multitude of options and second base is no different. The list includes, but is not limited to, Martin Prado, Jose Pirela, and Robert Refsnyder and could extend outside the organization if need be.

Martin Prado is a more than capable second baseman that could play the position every day leaving Jose Pirela on the bench and Robert Refsnyder down in Triple-A. That's one option, another is to have Prado play third base essentially bumping Alex Rodriguez to the designated hitter spot and leaving no room for Chase Headley on the roster. This opens up the position for either Refsnyder or Pirela. If the position goes to Refsnyder then Pirela rides the bench while if Pirela gets the starting gig then Refsnyder likely stays in Triple-A to fine tune his game until mid-season.

The Yankees could also just go with a revolving door there. There will be a starting second baseman on Opening Day but a guy like Prado could play three or four positions a week keeping everyone healthy and giving everyone ample playing time. It could happen and it's a good problem to have for Girardi, Brian Cashman, and the entire Yankees crew.

FYI, in case you were wondering, I would give the starting second base job to Refsnyder, essentially make Carlos Beltran a full time DH like Alfonso Soriano was in 2013, give the third base job to Prado, and have A Rod on the bench as a backup third baseman, first baseman, and DH. I would make A Rod earn his spot back onto the field and not have his contract dictate his playing time. Maybe that's just me.

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