Friday, November 28, 2014

Comparing the 2015 Yankees vs. Red Sox Offenses

As it stands right now I wanted to take a look and compare the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox right now to see just how much work Brian Cashman has ahead of himself this winter. It's scary but take a look. The bolded player gets my nod as having the advantage.

2015 NYY     2015 BOS  
1B Mark Teixeira    Mike Nappybeard
2B Refsnyder/Pirela   Dustin Pedroia
SS Brendan Ryan   Xander Bogaerts 
3B Martin Prado   Pablo Sandoval
LF Brett Gardner   Hanley Ramirez
CF Jacoby Ellsbury   Rusney Castillo
RF Carlos Beltran   Yoenis Cespedes
Brian McCann   Christian Vazquez
DH Alex Rodriguez   David Ortiz

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