Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why, oh Why do we pick on A-Rod?

I, as one who has been very harsh on A-Rod, asks a question of all you A-Rod Haters out there. Other than he cheated on his GOD given talents, what has he done wrong?
Other than one player, the manager and GM of the Yankees, all his team mates liked him and have said so many times. He works harder than most other players and took Cano under his wing when he and Melkey were out partying too
much, they both tried to keep up with A-Rods work outs and gave it up quickly.
Most fans hate him because they believe everything they have read about him.
Another question; When did this hate A-Rod get started for the fans.
Answer; When he came to the Yankees! Why! Because he told the truth in a sports magazine, when asked about one of our top players and also said he wanted to be the highest paid player in the sport. Now, last I heard, he has the right to his opinion.
I have read many articles about Roger C, a great pitcher, but why does he get a pass and not A-Rod? Roger lied to the grand jury and congress (all big time jail time offences) and got away with it...and it was proven and known he had been using for much longer than A-Rod.

I will never forgive him for doing what he did to his God given talents...never. But, the bottom line is, he is a Yankee and should be treated as any other Yankee. 

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