Sunday, November 9, 2014

YES Network: Interview w/ Robert Refsnyder

Here is the interview from the YES Network as the guys went one-on-one with Yankees prospect Robert Refsnyder. Enjoy, I know I did. This kid seems ready now despite what others may say on Twitter.


  1. Replies
    1. He's a bench player. A fourth outfielder. Not really worth a candle my friend.

    2. Better than signing one of those over the hill guys that want more than they are worth now.
      Besides, he is a good outfielder and not going to play everyday.

  2. Robert Refsnyder, hopefully our 2nd baseman for 2015 and many years to come. Unless one has an arm like Canos', he will be working on his footwork around the bag to make his double plays much easier. Footwork is the big key to working the infield, one can have the arm range and glove...all of which is good but, as with pitching, hitting or all starts at the ground.

  3. REED & BURCH....what is wrong with you two guys ?
    You two never read my posts completely, nor respond fully. Yeah, it's true.

    Chris Young : They had a slot, for a much better player than he. And it is wasted.
    Someone who is a true hitter, with power. Someone who scares another pitcher late in games.

    Did you ever stop what you were doing,... to watch a Chris Young at bat ?
    Tying runs on base, ninth you watch a Chris Young at bat, or go to the toilet ?

    Now they use that slot, for a Met throw away?
    He should not be our fourth outfielder. He is a blank, in the Yankees's bullet chamber.
    Over the hill, or candles are useless. Why him ? Why now ? Why ?
    The 2014 team could not hit !...And, this is an addition ? A bench player.

  4. Find me a heavy hitter that will take the role of bench player, and I am sure Cash would sign him.
    Chris is only there as insurance.

    Any how, two things to think about;
    One Jose Pirela is only 24 years old and they may want him in the minors one more year...UNLESS...we have one of the three we have, go down with injury! He would be my first choice to fill in for anyone of the three.
    The problem with Refsy is his age, he'll be 24 next year, they may want as much time as he needs at AAA and then as things work themselves out in NY, maybe call him up .
    Myself, I would start spring training with both of them playing every day in spring Training, then see how they are doing before making a choice.

  5. We all know deep down that Young is not a "depth" signing. Girardi will probably start with a platoon of Gardner/Young in left, and if anything happens to Beltran, you're looking at our starting rightfielder. Meanwhile, Pirela and Refsnyder get bored in AAA. Guaranteed, Young gets at least 400 at bats.

  6. The Yankees replace a 40 year old left handed 4th outfielder with no power with a 31 year old right handed power hitting outfielder for $2.5 million. I am not seeing an issue here.

  7. Jeff

    If Young gets 400 at bats that is because he is performing. The Yankees wont be afraid to cut a guy making $2.5 million, especially half way through a season.

  8. Okay, I seem to be coming off as overly pessimistic, so let me explain. My problem is not with Chris Young or his contract. For the record, I hope he did in fact regain his all star form and performs like he did in his very small sample size late in the year when he was hitting against expanded rosters. But even if he isn't hitting well, Girardi will still play him over a more deserving player until Cashman releases him. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Girardi should not be provided with veteran options. He'll play them over a rookie every time. Even if they're struggling.

  9. This I can agree with Jeff. Girardi has shown this time and time again. See Chris Dickerson rotting on the bench to make room for Andruw Jones. Even on the day when Dickerson hit two home runs he was lifted a pinch hitter late for Jones because he bats right handed.

    1. It is the mindset of older players such as Joe G. He had to put in a lot of time and years to get a shot at being a starter. He has trust in those that have been there and done that. Joe T did the same thing, and there are many others that do the same thing.
      Not to excuse Joe at all, sh-t happens and he probably does it without thinking about it.

    2. The problem is Girardi is too naive to realize that relying on home grown players is what keeps him in a job. Girardi is still the Yankees manager, well besides the fact that The Boss is no longer with us, because of that 2009 World Series.

      In 2009 the Yankees had the highest average of home grown talent on the roster. Granted that is a little skewed by the Core Four but you had Melky, Gardner, almost the entire bullpen, Phil Hughes, etc. on the team. The team won because of the veterans, the youth, and key bullpen decisions (i.e. any time he put Damaso Marte into a game).

      Girardi now ditches all that for what got Joe Torre fired (not offically but we all know the truth). If one does not learn from the past... you know the rest.

    3. History is something I have a great respect for, in baseball and war. The problem with many today is, they are not versed in history of any kind.


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