Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yankees President Levine a Fan of Marlins' New Deal With Stanton

Since it was made Monday, the deal that'll pay Marlins OF Giancarlo Stanton $325 million over the next 13 years has been criticized by many.

Some say it's just worth too much money, while others claim that Stanton hasn't proved himself worthy of such a salary at this point in his career. One reporter even asked Stanton if there was a part of his bringing in $69,000 a day that was almost embarrasing in a recent press conference, as that total surpasses the average American's yearly income. 

Just don't tell Yankees president Randy Levine that.

“Every team has to make a decision based on where they are at the time, where they are at the moment,” Levine told The New York Daily News' Mark Feinsand Thursday. “This is a great player."

That's undoubtedly true, with Stanton's impressive 2014 stats basically earning him the vote as the NL's top offensive player. His .288 batting average, 37 home runs and 105 RBIs left him second in the MVP race behind the Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw, a pitcher.

But should Miami have still committed to him?

"I think (owner) Jeffrey (Loria) stood up, the Marlins stood up, and both of them are pleased with it," Levine said. "Good for them.”

For now at least. Stanton's new contract passes that of Alex Rodriguez for the biggest in baseball, and we all know how badly his has worked out.

Stanton, 26, is yet to get in trouble off the field, and has played for the Marlins since he was a rookie in 2010.

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