Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yankees Sign 16 Year Old Bryan Emery

From Baseball America:

Colombian outfielder Bryan Emery, the No. 23 international prospect for July 2, has signed with the Yankees.
Emery, 16, was the last available player from Baseball America’s Top 30 international prospects list for July 2, and the signing gives the Yankees 10 of those top 30 players.
Emery is 6-foot-3, 190 pounds with a loose swing from the left side. He had been switch-hitting, though he’s hit exclusively lefthanded in recent months. He’s strong and generates easy, explosive power, though leading up to July 2, there were mixed reviews about his game hitting, partly because of his environment. Emery trained with Ivan Noboa, the same trainer who brokered an international amateur record $4.95 million bonus for Dominican outfielder Nomar Mazara with the Rangers in 2011, and scouts frequently lament that they can’t get enough game looks at Noboa’s players. Some scouts who have seen him recently have seen better game performance, with a simplified hitting approach and a cleaner setup that helped him stay more direct to the ball. Emery’s athletic for his size, has a strong arm and has worked out for clubs in the infield and the outfield, but he fits best in right field, where he will begin his career.
While the bonus for Emery was not confirmed, it will essentially cost the Yankees double the bonus to sign him. The organization spent record money on international amateur bonuses this year to go well beyond their bonus pool, which means they are paying a 100 percent overage tax on all their signings and won’t be allowed to sign anyone for more than $300,000 the next two signing periods, beginning July 2, 2015.


  1. RAFAEL SORIANO......Free set up man / closer for the Yankees ? I think so.

    He pitched for one season with the Yankees, and did splendid.
    Then, off he went to the Nationals.....but he is free again.
    Check these out :
    W L ERA G
    2014 Stats 4 1 3.19 64
    MLB Career 22 28 2.85 585

    My stat chart stinks, but you see a pitcher who is consistent, and is effective.

    For two years...a real smart signing. Never thought I'd say it, but I miss the shirt being
    pulled out, after every closing.

    Lets face it...David Robertson is gone. The writing is on the wall. The price will grow to
    a number that few can afford.
    The Yankees can make better use of those monies. And they will.
    Sign the veteran Soriano, and the bullpen, with it's latest additions, is set.

    1. He's done well as a closer the past few years, so I have a feeling he'll want at least a three year deal. And at 35 years old, I'm not comfortable with that.

      If D-Rob doesn't return, I'd feel better handing the closer role off to Betances and looking for someone that could step into the set-up role.


    Some say..." Mark Montgomery couldn't hit Kim Kardashian's ass with a pitch right now. "
    Are you kidding me ?

    Even the ...." Blind Boys of Alabama " could zero in on that moon rock, even after drinking
    Coors Light with me all afternoon !

  3. I can't see Rafael Soriano wanting a three year deal after losing his closer job in Washington due to production. He seems more like a one year bounce back pillow contract to me. I was wrong once though.


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