Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Are the Yankees done this offseason?

The Yankees have made plenty of moves this offseason huge and minor. As the New Year is in less than a day fans are wondering if the offseason for the Yankees is over. In my opinion yes the Yankees addressed some positions that they desperately needed but I think they could be better.

As I said yesterday Max Scherzer would be a good sign to improve the rotation. Doesn't look like that'll happen though. Even though the Yankees 5-man rotation is filled Chris Capuano can be a starter but I'd prefer him in the bullpen.

Scherzer would take the place of Capuano and that would help the Yankees rotation and bullpen. Those two things are probably the key to a successful 2015 season for the Yankees. The lineup wouldn't be bad with adding another bad. Brendan Ryan shouldn't be on this team.

The Yankees may not need to add any bats because they have infielders Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela. Those two guys are very talented and with them the Yankees may not need a bat. I like Pirela over Refsnyder so Pirela should get the starting second baseman job. Here's my projected lineup this doesn't include any unsigned free agents.

1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury
2. LF Brett Gardner
3. C Brian McCann
4. 1B Mark Texeira
5. RF Carlos Beltran
6. 3B Chase Headley
7. DH player mix
8. SS Didi Gregorious
9. 2B Jose Pirela
This Yankees lineup could be very successful in 2015.


  1. What do you guys think of this article?

    1. I guess I'll be the first, to take a stab at it!
      Once past the first inning, it is not going to be happy days for the pitchers facing us. We have 4 speed guys in a row, which I love but one move I would make is put Jose Pirela in the #3 spot. The reasoning for that is Pirela has good power, speed and his walk % isn't bad either. I guess one could say, I have faith in him. Refsy is a better hitter (some say) but I really think Pirela is the better all around player.
      I liked Pirela more, just on his versatility alone, but all I heard from the majority of the bloggers and (marginal) news media was Refsy gets a shot at playing 2nd base in '15.
      Either one would do, but the speed is one I keep coming back to...two old sayings are there for the taking...;
      "Speed Kills" and "One can't learn Speed"! In any sport, I will always go for; Great Defense, Speed and Pitching (in baseball)! Power is always welcome but, not on it's own

  2. When Brendan Ryan goes who is the backup shortstop if Didi goes down or needs a day?

    1. I am with you on this one Daniel, it isn't as if we are paying him $10m a year. We do have the guys Cashman just picked any of them play SS? What about the SSs down on the Farm, the man says? Well most all of them will start in "A and avg, out at about 20/21 years old. Not a good time to bring them up, yet!

    2. We don't have anyone necessarily close to the majors at SS. Although I do have an idea but that post wont be posted until tomorrow, lol.

  3. Daniel, you're right. They don't have anybody close as a backup to Didi. My idea is to put Cito Culver on the 40 man roster and use him as an emergency backup. He will never be an offensive force, but he's a good glove with a bat that should come through on occasion. Somewhat like Ramiro Pena was. Other than that guys, very sorry, but I prefer Refsnyder over Pirela every day and twice on Sunday.

    1. I've got a post scheduled for tomorrow pleading the Yankees to sign Erisbel Arruebarrena and cutting/trading Brendan Ryan.

    2. Please excuse me, because I can neither spell or even attempt to pronounce that name, but is that the 29 year old middle infielder? If so, then no thank you. We already pay for established major league players in their decline. Why do we want to pay for unknown players decline years?

    3. He's the 24 year old Cuban defecting SS that the Dodgers just designated for assignment.

  4. Gotcha. So many Cuban defectors, it's hard to keep track. I don't know anything about this guy.


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