Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Article Revisit: Sergio Romo

With the loss of David Robertson to the New York Yankees bullpen still heavy on my heart for some reason I attempted to move on and consider viable backup options for the former Yankees closer. I was going through the TGP archive and I found an article I had written on November, 19 of this year and the article still makes a lot of sense. You may even be able to go as far as to cross out Shawn Kelley’s name in the article and insert Robertson’s in. Thoughts? Here’s the article:

Sergio Romo's free agency this winter can be described in about three sentences or less making him an interesting bullpen option for the Yankees and a viable backup option in case David Robertson decides to sign elsewhere. Let's take a look at those three sentences to see if he makes sense for the Yankees.

1. Romo has closed out all three rounds of the National League playoffs including the World Series, clutch comes to mind.

2. Romo had a not so great start to the 2014 season but pitched lights out when it matters posting a 1.29 ERA in October to go along with his career 2.59 ERA with the Giants.

3. Romo is better than Shawn Kelley.

1 comment:

    The girls that love them, and how are they created ?
    This is a new term, this off season, ' Three Headed Monster '. It does have potential.

    Some have said David Robertson should have been the scary third head. Maybe.
    But, he's pinching himself in Chicago now...Saying " life is good, and I could not be happier."
    So much for fiery dragons. And, a rising ERA.

    Since the Yankees will not trade youth for one, lets try to find one.

    Rafael Soriano would work. The pulling out of the shirt trick, is a fitting ending to a Boston lose.
    Or, is it Sergio Romo ? An somewhat unknown from San Francisco ?
    I love players with pizazz, bravado, showmanship, and balls. That is Romo.

    Romo is my choice for the third head. He's very good, and he is smart.
    He may pull his pants down at the end, but that's what monsters are paid to do.
    This Yankee team sooooo needs a personality.

    I am so tired of the ' Core Four's ' exploits, and the captain that went head first into the seats.
    If Marcus Thames went crashing into the stands, and died to catch a ball...who would care ?
    Maybe his mother, on some island, someplace. But who else ?

    This team is hard, moldy bread.
    Create the three headed dragon, if that's what you want. But one that entertains us, and then
    cast off lines from the ghosts of the mighty four.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)