Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Thoughts on the Loss of David Robertson

#$&*, the first word that ran through my mind when the MLB At Bat app on my phone told me that David Robertson had signed with the Chicago White Sox on a four year deal. I’ll let you use your imagination on what exactly that word was but the word was followed up with an immediate sadness. Brian Cashman preaches the need for a three headed monster in the bullpen and a need to be more like the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants and then he lets Robertson walk away. Cashman in the same breath will then preach the need to get younger, improve and specifically improve the farm system. Then on the exhale he lets one of the few homegrown players the team had walk to a team like the Chicago White Sox.

This isn’t going to be a fire Cashman rant, hell it probably won’t even turn into a rant at all as I’m just genuinely confused. Cashman isn’t Billy Beane so he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt that he knows what he is doing, not from me anyway, so this one really has me scratching my head. The team announced that Andrew Miller wouldn’t be the Yankees closer leaving Dellin Betances to close which leaves a gaping hole in the Yankees bullpen, one that Robertson would have easily replaced. What is the plan now to fill that gaping wound in the Yankees bullpen before it gets infected?

Bryan Van Dusen wrote yesterday that if the Yankees did not bring back Chase Headley that it would affect Martin Prado the most because he would essentially lose his greatest asset to the team, his versatility, and the same thing happens here with Robertson and Betances. With Robertson now gone Betances loses his greatest asset to the team, his fireman abilities and multiple inning capabilities. I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all, and I am truly looking for an explanation. Help?


  1. This is the conclusion I've come to regarding this offseason. I don't think Cashman, Hal, or anybody else in the Yankee front office has a problem with a $200 million dollar payroll. What they do have a problem with is a $200 million dollar payroll and a roster full of declining players. I don't think they're being cheap, I think they're staying away from future obligations that will hurt the team the same way we're being hurt now. Teix, ARod, Sabathia, and Beltran are barely even replacement level players. Yet collectively, they will make $85 million this year. That's 40% of your payroll for 15% of tour roster. Signing 30 year old players to large contracts hasn't worked for thus team. We've won 1 World Series title in 13 years. The Yankees will never go through a rebuilding process, but this is about as close as we will come. Why spend big on a closer when it's going to be difficult for us to compete for at least 3 years?

    1. Jeff, you done beat me to it and very succinctly put forth the plain as I have seen it developing.
      I think they gave Cashman what George told him before...Full Control.

  2. It's not easy, but I'm hoping Cashman finds another guy to complete the Three Headed Monster. I just wish it included D-Rob.

  3. For once I agree with Ken Hans, about the loss of D-Rob. He made me nervous every-time he came into the game.
    Dellin can close but has more value as the set-up man.
    Miller can become a set-up man.
    One of the young guns, or even Lindgren can become the Dellin of next year or close, IF we don't get a real closer. Which I don't think we will, not a real good one anyhow!

  4. its about time Ken Reed AGREEING WITH ME LOL

    1. Don't worry Ken H, I'll disagree next time, ok? LOL

      The truth is the truth, everyone was worried when Mo left the team...we did ok!
      Now most are worried about D-Rob leaving, don't! It will work itself out, once again, we have about four power arms to choose from.
      Don't forget, starters hitting 92/93 will be up about 2 to 4 mph as relief pitchers and those above get the idea anyhow!
      Now the job is to get McCarthy back!
      Tank, Pineda, McCarthy, Esmil Rogers, CC, Adam Warren, Phelps (until Nova is back) any five of them except the first three.

  5. Officer Reed....McCarthy right now being offered four years by the Dodgers.
    Maybe its best, with all his injuries.

    1. Exit McCarthy, enter someone else. There are some other names still out there and we also have a few guys that can be plugged-in until Nova gets back.
      Don't worry about it, things are what they are and we adapt to the situation.
      Again, let me say, Cashman is doing the right thing by staying away from those long contracts or over paying for a player.
      Like Headley, often injured and wants to much $$$$ for too long. Fine, we try either Pirela or Refsnyder at 3rd, that gets two of the kids in the line up...which would give us 4 of our own on the field team.
      News Flash; A-Rod is one hell of a good teacher and he will be a huge help for whom ever tries the position. In fact, if I were a player from the farm trying to make the team, I would follow him around and work-out with him. No one, on the team, has a rougher work-out then he does.

  6. I hope the Yankees make a run at Brett Anderson.


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