Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Girardi: Yankees' Bullpen Will Still "Be Very Strong" Without Robertson

David Robertson's recent leaving of the Yankees for the White Sox has generated mixed reactions from the former's fanbase.

Some are claiming his departure will unlock the potential of Dellin Betances, while others say Robertson was too reliable to let go. It's tough to argue Robertson hasn't been solid since joining the Yankees in 2008, but still, will his absence really weaken their bullpen?

Team Manager Joe Girardi doesn't seem to think so, expressing confidence in the Yankees' current group of guys Tuesday.

"We feel that our bullpen is going to be very strong again [in 2015]," Girardi told's Bryan Hoch. "We feel like we have a number of great arms. I'm not really worried about that because of the arms we have down there, and I feel like we'll have a very good bullpen."

The Yankees have acquired two notable relievers over the last month, so that belief doesn't appear misguided. They traded Francisco Cervelli to the Pirates in exchange for lefty Justin Wilson November 12, before signing former Red Sock Andrew Miller to a four-year/$36-million deal last Friday. 

Yet it's not absurd to wonder if Robertson would make the Yankees even better, glad as Girardi says he is for him.

"I feel like relievers get one shot at usually the long‑term contract," Girardi said. "And he got that shot and he took full advantage of it. I wish him the best of luck, except against us."

Robertson's new contract will pay him $46 million over four seasons, slightly less than what the right-hander was reportedly trying to get. He was originally said to be asking for $52 million, a price the Yankees simply weren't willing to reach.

Nonetheless, Robertson will still make $11.5 million annually through 2018, the second highest closer salary in baseball. 

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  1. When reading over this, I realized a sort of awkward wording in the last sentence. So just so we're clear, "closer" is referring to the bullpen role, not anything else


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