Monday, December 22, 2014

BIP Locations: Garrett Jones

Earlier in the day we looked at Nathan Eovaldi's BIP Locations from Marlins Park to Yankee Stadium and I was left with a bitter and bad taste in my mouth. Let's clear that up, hopefully, by taking a look at what kind of raw power Jones could bring to Yankee Stadium and the Yankees. The Yankees have lacked that true power threat off the bench since the 2012 season when Raul Ibanez became a folk hero so I am excited to welcome Jones to the Yankees, unless these numbers are ugly... let's get to it.

Home Runs
Fly Outs
Line Outs

As you can see I included line outs in the legend for the first time in a long time but that's because Jones is a bit of a line drive hitter. The way the wind blows out at Yankee Stadium, especially on a Saturday afternoon type setting, I could see at least one of these getting out into the Bleacher Creatures. Jones' doubles may turn into as many as six more home runs inside Yankee Stadium while a few of his outs, I count eight, have legitimate shots at getting out in the Bronx the way the ball travels here. And the home runs, look at the home runs, are not going to be cheap wall scrapers either in New York as most of these would be absolute bombs in Yankee Stadium. Jones looks to be a dead pull hitter and a left handed bat inside Yankee Stadium, if he doesn't get shifted on and refuse to beat it he may do some serious damage backing up everyone on the team. I was skeptical about bringing him in, and I still am, but these numbers at least make me feel better.


  1. So if I read your dots right we are looking at 10 HR's in homer friendly Yankee Stadium. Man that was a great deal Cashman

    1. Could be more than that. Window blows and carries a lot more in New York then it does in Miami.


    This, a wonderful off season for the Yankees....and there is old Hans off in the corner farting.

    Everything, and I mean everything, is a mistake.I just listened to Yankee Hot Stove tonight, twice.
    All they did was rave about Eovaldi. This three player acquisition, was a steal for the Yankees.
    And...those guys a on Hot Stove are not stooges. They will hammer what they think is wrong.

    As for me, Nathan Eavoldi could be the next Nolan Ryan.
    Bartender...pass that guy, passing gas at the end of the bar, a stale beer...compliments of patrick.

    1. Patrick, thanks for looking up that info, I was chasing the young ladies in white around again this week end...I did a lot of nothing, for three days. I was released just in time to send my Boss off to San Fransisco...thank god!

      Ken H, has reason behind his distrust of the management of the do most of us, I think! Don't you?
      Thank god, the guys and I sold our box, was it last year, no the year before. Every year it was like we would loose a guy until it became to much for three now two of us to come up with. Besides, I live on the wrong side of the state and am too lazy to fly all the way over there and watch them loose a game.
      Keep things going Patrick, have a cold one for me, and I'll have a cold Pepsi for you and yours! Have a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    2. I think you're drinking old english 800 and puking. Patrick the voice of reason obviously has had too many cheers. Both Flash and Curry are paid employees of the Yankees so what do you expect them to say. Shame on you St. Patty you should know better

  3. There is an article I also read today (I can't find it again, sorry) that made it plain...every trade or signing has to go through the powers that be. And they want a younger does Cashman!

    I think most will remember me saying something about Cashman wanting to go younger and slowly get those large contracts out of the way. With them gone and younger players there is room for that one big horse or two that will make a big difference in the team.

    So, let me say again, have a cold one and watch this team grow before your eyes. I know it is very frustrating, this is my 3rd trip down this path. 1963 to 1977, 1979 to 1996 and 2010 to ???? That my friend is one 14 year and one 17 year absence from winning the WS. So this little hick-up, is nothing to get all worked up's only going to take 7 (2017) years to get back to winning the WS, unless something magical happens before then.

    IF, and I say IF, Tank and Pineda work out with no more heath problems...don't hold your breath, we have the start of a very well rounded pitching staff going into next year. If we can develop one or two real pitchers, we can get by if, one or the other goes down for a year.


    I hear the laughter from the naysayers. The same mantra, over and over.

    The truth is, while one side puts up possible solutions...via trade, signings, or shanghaiing.
    The stale beer crowd, offers nothing in regard to ideas. Nothing.

    Garret Jones...a lefty pull hitter, with HR power, in the stadium, may flourish as Ibanez did.
    Great trade for the Cashman legacy.

    1. You do know, one bad deal will negate, three good ones don't you?
      I love deals such as this one, low price may have high rewards! LOL
      So far we have about six(?) players, three of whom could help right away and the others, very soon.

    2. Sensible people are praying over the porcelain god and asking what kool aide is Patrick drinking from? All I can say is you better be on the site in July/August when the Yankees are 15 plus games out of first and your stud acquisitions i.e Eovaldi has 3 wins and Jones with his cute wife has 7 HR and is batting 220. I will be on you like a cheap suit and a packet of Grape Kool Aide.

    3. My Patty Boy why doesn't Cashman go get Ken Phelps again with his lefty prowess that should serve them well. I am sure Curry and Flash will like that deal since Little Stein does pay they're salary. In fact I think Vasquez is available as an arm and that would make it three times the rappelling elf made a splash with good old Javey. Maybe Amercian Idle Carl Pavano is ready for a second comeback.

    4. I have also compared Jones to Ibanez... and speaking of Cashman's trade legacy... check back in at 2:30... just for you Hans :)

  5. And Hans, truth be told, if Jones had seven home runs halfway through the season would that be especially terrible? He's a bench player and part time player that never had a high BA. If he can add 15-20 home runs off the bench I don't see a real problem with that whatsoever....

  6. Remember what I said. He will also get more at bats then you think especially at Yankee Stadium and I will check back and if you don't tell the truth on his trade legacy especially on pitchers i.e. Weaver, Brown, shame on you, Vasquez

  7. I took a look and you put in a great deal of time and you she be applauded for that, however there are more holes in your interpetation than Grandson has in his swing.


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